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    welcome man
  2. admin


    welcome bro!
  3. admin


    welcome bro @finnvx
  4. admin

    New here

    If you've done it once you can do it again man 6'1 is a good height
  5. admin

    New here

    Hey @Jsub203 welcome to the community. I'd definitely work on trying to lose weight, have you got a diet in place?
  6. admin

    New here

    welcome @Ciel good to have you here
  7. admin

    Hello, im new here

    welcome bro 1. Take Omega-3 Fish Oil 2. Avoid vegetable oils, sunflower oils and seed oils - ESPECIALLY the last two. For fat meals use ghee butter or full fat grass-fed butter. Do not confuse the real butter with some margarine or some other shit. 3. Use salt more often, or at least remember...
  8. admin

    Would a wolf cut suit me ?

    can't see anything
  9. admin

    New and want advice

    Welcome @nakkoala I'm in the process of writing up a full looksmaxxing guide that I'll send you
  10. admin

    Transformation (4 years)

    great transformation man
  11. admin

    New heree

    sounds good, welcome @pavan
  12. admin

    Which hairstyle suits me ?

    I would try a hairstyle that covers your forehead more, or one that looks a bit less preppy
  13. admin

    Is 5’10 short these days?

    depends on where you live really the average height of men in the US is 5 ft 9 inches, so you are just above average - not overly short and not overly tall at that height you can easily gain 1-2 inches with the right...
  14. admin

    Natty Journy to 6 foot

    you can send me a PM
  15. admin

    Natty Journy to 6 foot

    I know people who had a big growth spurts when they were around 16/17/18, so you still have room to grow taller Have you tried any temporary methods? (i.e. nike air maxes add an inch, height increase insoles)
  16. admin


  17. admin

    looksmaxxing journey

    you're definitely taking a step in the right direction man what have you got planned so far to improve yourself? if you're already at rock bottom then even small improvements will be big (i.e. get a gym membership, diet, proper grooming) I think documenting your journey is a good idea so you...
  18. admin

    New here :)

    How to improve your looks. Is there anything you are struggling with?
  19. admin

    Discussion How to fix frizzy hair and make it look more curly

    hey man, it's hard to say 100% without seeing your hair can you show a picture of the style you are trying to achieve?