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  1. Vincent Hartman

    Earn €700,000 at 19yo with crypto #moneymaxxing

    My first Thread, making $700,000 with crypto I am French dyslexic, I translate everything with google translation My telegram channel moneymaxxing in french : My telegram channel moneymaxxing english : First of all you have to be...
  2. Vincent Hartman

    Is my smile weird

    bro, I'll focus on other aspects of your face, you have so much to improve your mouth, we don't care at all for the moment, that would be the last thing to do, increase your testo you look very weak to me I think you should inject it naturally it wouldn't be enough, mewing / chewing, fat loss...
  3. Vincent Hartman

    Research explained that soy intake on food, estrogen hormones in body, and daily meat consumption are crucial for height growth among teenager.

    totally agree, soy, vegan the only people I know who have made this change are from male to fragile gay with negative testosterone and take 10 years of aging in 2 years Eat a lot of meat children especially very good red meats
  4. Vincent Hartman

    Jawliner and similar products
  5. Vincent Hartman

    Do. I have hunter eyes when my face is looking straight into the camera or looking down there's no eyelid exposure but when i tilt my head up there's

    the most important and the cracks in the eyes, and it's genetic, I know that from profile, from the bottom, from the side, I have cracks in the eyes, attractive and when it's attractive, it is from all sides, to have the the eyebrow arch very low and good but it does not allow you to have...
  6. Vincent Hartman

    What can be done about the puffiness and lines next to my nose

    lookmax before undergoing surgery, but you need frown lines surgery with injections or facelift if you have the money it's not a problem but before that goes down to a bodyfat of 12% with a good physique you ruin your genetics, especially black people you don't have very attractive face...
  7. Vincent Hartman

    I accept suggestions

    you can greatly improve yourself, testosterone increase, eyebrow and beard minoxidil, chewing / mewing, bonesmashing in the cheekbones chin arches, do your eye exercises to make them lower, subscribe to my aurachad account on insta I'll give you tips advice to really improve you
  8. Vincent Hartman

    Trying to find out what procedure I should consult Dr.Epply On.

    personally I want to do the same thing, if it's you on your profile pictures you don't need any surgery except maybe a little more jawline your black with female eyes and a fairly feminine face, in addition the cheekbones on the black ones are already very prominent, and the less fat in the...
  9. Vincent Hartman

    Method Botox masseter reduction. 6 month update. Hollow cheeks achieved

    very cool I have this big cheek problem in addition I'm gaining weight so it doesn't help, I'm thinking of doing a bichectomy when I have the perfect physique at 85kg dry for 1.85, and doing injections in the cheekbones then a fat graft I think and a facelift
  10. Vincent Hartman

    Testing a 4 month dickmaxxing protocol

    i test the penis extender for 2-3 hours a day, I will do it for 1-2 years to try to gain 2-3cm and I take mk 677 in gh to also gain size for the moment I have took 3cm and 1 shoe size