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  1. Kaworu

    I found this chart on .me credits to user idfkbruh I really enjoy it

  2. Kaworu

    Acting or art?

    you should not do either you will waste your money and go into debt tbh I still think you are a satire account
  3. Kaworu

    [Serious] What is his body fat percentage?

  4. Kaworu


    Well I know some above attractive dudes who just like to keep there face a secret Me, I am an extraverted out there kinda dude I like being known You should also be nice dude, calling people subhuman and "rotters" unironically makes you look worse Seriously you need to just do what I did and...
  5. Kaworu


    rkelly actually looks pretty good looking ngl
  6. Kaworu

    [NSFW] How to have sex like a god

    my penile angle works just fine inside your mom
  7. Kaworu


    it's prenatal T that we are taking about it doesn't matter what yours is currently
  8. Kaworu


  9. Kaworu

    You are a cool guy

    You are a cool guy
  10. Kaworu

    [JFL] It's OVER for @toth77

    You are a good dude
  11. Kaworu

    [JFL] It's OVER for @toth77

    nah man I got a big ass dude and we are the same height and I got a large frame You sure dude?
  12. Kaworu

    [Rage] someone should publish ER's manifesto

    why I mean like it isnt even that deep it is just filled with resentment
  13. Kaworu

    [JFL] It's OVER for @toth77

    he is like six foot to six two we dont know exactly
  14. Kaworu

    [Theory] ASCENDING David Gandy

    Gandy is a mom jfl
  15. Kaworu

    [JFL] It's OVER for @toth77

    You wanted to fuck him right? wait....His mom as well, right?
  16. Kaworu

    [Info] The ultimate final shoulderpill

    Thank God I have Square broad shoulders
  17. Kaworu

    How much is this website worth

    I am a Jew
  18. Kaworu

    [JFL] It's OVER for @toth77