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  1. Pendejo


  2. Pendejo

    [Serious] nofap log 2021

    Day 21.
  3. Pendejo

    [Serious] I'm tired of this whole femboy thing

    Enjoy fucking mentally ill faggots in their smeared assholes while their dicks move around.
  4. Pendejo

    [Serious] I'm tired of this whole femboy thing

    I hate to see how they are becoming more and more popular, femboys seemed like something that only 2 deranged truecels on this forum were into (they know who they are) and now I see the topic being mentioned frequently even on PSL forums, it is sickening. We've all seen those guys wearing...
  5. Pendejo

    [Serious] The ass and hip pill.

    Almost everyone has wider shoulders than hips, what matters the most is how they look in relation to the ribcage (and also the waist). Here's a pic of @Lorsss, my favorite exemplar of a male with wide hips: You can see that his frame is bad despite his bideltoid being noticeably wider than...
  6. Pendejo

    [Serious] Eye Area Pill: Beckham morphed with Ozil's eye area

    I wasn't talking about you specifically haha, I was saying it in general, just like people say "no X for your face" or "no X for your Y", I didn't mean to offend you even though you actually have tear troughs. You could try this method to improve your under eye area, it seems like a cope to me...
  7. Pendejo

    [Serious] Eye Area Pill: Beckham morphed with Ozil's eye area

    No squinting for your tear troughs, it can only make your lower eyelids look tighter.
  8. Pendejo

    [Rage] I used to be jealous of white chad

    Learn to quote posts properly ffs.
  9. Pendejo

    [Serious] UGLY BBC GYMCEL Tinder Experiment (Lifefuel for Gymcels)

    Abby kinda looks like @nelson tbh.
  10. Pendejo

    [Serious] Is cool Sculpting worth it

    What is that bro?
  11. Pendejo

    I look so aesthetic in these pics

    Why are you banned btw?
  12. Pendejo

    I look so aesthetic in these pics

    Good luck proving that.
  13. Pendejo

    I look so aesthetic in these pics

  14. Pendejo

    Huge music megathread

  15. Pendejo

    Huge music megathread

  16. Pendejo

    [Serious] nofap log 2021

    Day 17.
  17. Pendejo

    [Info] Outer canthal distance to Bizygomatic width ratio

    Any illustration of that osteotomy?
  18. Pendejo


    You might want to check this thread: https://forum.looksmaxxing.com/threads/looksmaxxing-archive.3094/ Welcome to the forum :)
  19. Pendejo

    [Rage] Soundcloud cucks removing ISIS nasheeds

    It is pointless to make a SoundCloud playlist to save the ones I like the most because they will eventually get deleted.