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  1. Lawyer

    Pendejo, thoughts?

    I won't be making new alts anytime soon.
  2. Lawyer


  3. Lawyer

    [News] Introduce yourself forum added!

    I think it should be in a different category (or node, I think that's how they are called in XenForo) than the other forums, like on Lookism.
  4. Lawyer

    [LifeFuel] Rate me in motion(sleep mode[on])

    Good morning I hate women.
  5. Lawyer

    This site needs more users

    Why would they give a single fuck about you now that you got exposed as a larping faggot? https://looksmax.me/threads/egoy-larping-faggot.221745/
  6. Lawyer

    [News] I've left

  7. Lawyer


    Wtf is this thread...
  8. Lawyer

    [News] I've left

    You are already back JFL.
  9. Lawyer

    [Info] Outer canthal distance to Bizygomatic width ratio

    You can lengthen the PFL with a lateral canthoplasty. It works by detaching the lateral canthus from its original position and then anchoring it closer to the lateral orbital rim, the amount of PFL increase you can get depends on the distance between the lateral canthus and the lateral orbital...
  10. Lawyer

    [It's Over] The nuclear dickpill

    Exactly, there was a dude on Lookism with a 8 inches dick who did a Tinder experiment running big dick game. He would claim 9 inches and even then girls thought that his dick was bigger than that. https://lookism.net/threads/big-dick-game-update-day-2.455409/
  11. Lawyer

    [Discussion] Who would you say has the most masculine face out there?

    He has a feminine nose tho.
  12. Lawyer

    [Guide] How to determine if you have paranasal flatness (paranasal hollowing)

    Difference between a projected and a flat paranasal area:
  13. Lawyer

    [Guide] How to determine if you have paranasal flatness (paranasal hollowing)

    To assess maxillary deficiency and paranasal flatness, we must observe the cheekbone-nasal base-lip contour (CP-Nb-LC) The cheekbone-nasal base-lip contour is determined by the cheekbone point (CP) and the maxilla point (MxP). The cheekbone point, in a subject with good facial proportions, is...
  14. Lawyer

    Eye prominence - How to get deep-set eyes

    Introduction Eye prominence plays a very important role on how your face is perceived, deep-set eyes are a male dimorphic trait, it has been hypothesized that deep-set eyes may be an adaptation for combat, hunting and male intrasexual selection, designed to protect the eyes from hits. As...