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  1. RamRanchCowboy

    [LifeFuel] The solution for incels to ascend into godhood

    DARK TRIAD PIMPING That is the god damn answer for incels world fucking wide. Read a pimp book (Pimp - by Iceberg Slim), watchthe entire Black Phillip Show series which are 12 amazing episodes all on YouTube. Why does 5'2 Charles Manson have a harem of women chasing him? Answer: Dark triad...
  2. RamRanchCowboy

    [News] Vegan Uprising

    All vegans rise up! @Ethan Asia @Shrek @softlysoftly
  3. RamRanchCowboy

    [Discussion] What are you guys doing to looksmax?

    Ever since I switched to veganism my skin and overall health have improved. I confirmed this with my doctor. I'm doing NoFap, I relapsed but I'm on day 3 now so wish me luck! Hopefully this helps my T levels along with cold showers. Purchased some Retin-A and Vitmain C serum. Tiege Hanley...
  4. RamRanchCowboy

    [Discussion] Is it me or do these guys look alike?

    Scott Eastwood Chris Evans