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  1. Lawyer

    [Guide] How to determine if you have paranasal flatness (paranasal hollowing)

    To assess maxillary deficiency and paranasal flatness, we must observe the cheekbone-nasal base-lip contour (CP-Nb-LC) The cheekbone-nasal base-lip contour is determined by the cheekbone point (CP) and the maxilla point (MxP). The cheekbone point, in a subject with good facial proportions, is...
  2. Lawyer

    Eye prominence - How to get deep-set eyes

    Introduction Eye prominence plays a very important role on how your face is perceived, deep-set eyes are a male dimorphic trait, it has been hypothesized that deep-set eyes may be an adaptation for combat, hunting and male intrasexual selection, designed to protect the eyes from hits. As...