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    [Serious] Need Help for jaw surgery plan

    asked to those reddit retards on Jawsurgery, but people were like "u ok bro, there's no problem, i am a girl, u are attractive" jfl Or "just braces" I have to ask to you bois. What surgery do i need? Bimax, cw rotation? Or do i really need braces only? Should i safe money with...
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    [It's Over] What should i fix first? Eyes or mouth?

    What should i prioritize? My mouth or my eyes? My jaw, in some pics, do not look that bad. But i have a biretrusion (yeah, confirmed by a dentist and a surgeon), and my teeth are hideous, and sometimes you can notice a short-face syndrome and it is like my jaw's too round, my lower lip is...
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    [Serious] On what should i focus first?

    my face Is a disaster: mouth: recessed, deep bite nose: tip too big eyes: wtf they are atrocious. but i dont know what to do first. once someone told me i should go for the jaw first because is the base, but the it will end for being +10k spent for a minimal change and of course i...