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  1. JackHanma

    How to achieve these morphs?

    Trying to decide between bimax and genio for chin, I have a weird combination of shortcomings. Short chin but someone relatively strong forward projection, good chin definition, deep mentolabial fold. I think I have slight overbite.
  2. JackHanma

    Finally shaved so you can get a better look at chin and jaw

    Do I need implant, genio, bimax, or some combination. Sorry for tilting my head up a bit too, wasn't intentional, you can pause it on the right frames where I'm more chin-tucked if need be.
  3. JackHanma

    Haircut looksmaxxed me hard

    Motorcycle > Jaw implant imo https://lookism.net/attachments/e8bd1498-6208-4a1e-9864-e27296243599-jpeg.275654/ https://lookism.net/attachments/5929b60e-0562-41de-8885-200307352ac8-jpeg.275655/
  4. JackHanma

    [Discussion] Another bimax vs jaw implant thread

    After going over some pics of myself, some x-rays from online, and pics of various models, I think I don't really need bimax surgery to break into the 8-tier of looks. I think the main cause of my bad profile is weak undereye support and a rather soft jawline. Ideally my jaw could be more...
  5. JackHanma

    [Method] Rate my giga-chad transition plan

    copied from my notes: Full Gattaca Soldier 1998 Giga-Chad transition plan first surgery BEFORE AGE 26 4 - 6 cm (1.5 - 2.35 inch) tibia lengthening, 6 - 8 cm (2.35 - 3 inch) femur lengthening, 2.5 cm (1 inch per side) humerus lengthening, 2.5 cm (1 inch per side) forearm lengthening, 2.5 cm (1...
  6. JackHanma

    [Cope] Rate my beard trim, tried to mimic square chin shape.

    Comparison pic on the right https://lookism.net/attachments/squarechincomparison-png.241220/
  7. JackHanma

    Auditioned for a modeling agency today

    They seemed interested, hopefully I get a call back
  8. JackHanma

    Would these implants get me to 8/10 face?

    Custom wraparound jaw implant for square chin and added mass to lower third, slightly wider jaw, better gonial angle and ramus length Zygos implants like https://lookism.net/threads/rate-my-zygos-after-surgery-pic.276024/ Paranasal implant? (unsure about this one, let me know what you guys think)
  9. JackHanma

    [Serious] Could I model?

    Keep in mind this video is in the absolute worst possible conditions, bad angle, bad lighting, haven't been to the gym in almost a year, bad camera lense (selfie cam). If I actually groomed myself properly and got back to the gym, with professional lighting and cameras could I model? Like...
  10. JackHanma

    Interesting compilation of physical proportions I found

    I'm interested in having my arms and legs surgically lengthened so having this information on proportions is interesting to me.
  11. JackHanma

    zygos / cheekbone implants?

    After falling deeper down the lookism rabbit hole I've found myself considering cheekbone augmentation, originally I just wanted a larger more forward projecting more square chin via implant, then I decided a wraparound jaw implant would be good for an improved jaw, and now I find myself...
  12. JackHanma

    Testing a 4 month dickmaxxing protocol

    I will be injecting 50mcg of IGF-1 des directly into my penis 3 days per week as well as topical DHT applied daily, this will be combined with 500mg of testosterone injected per week (this is more for muscles) I will be using bathmate 2 - 3x a week as well (if I can manage) current stats are...
  13. JackHanma

    How to fix profile?

    My chin is my main issue, jaw looks ok from the front but if I get a chin implant I might get jaw too. I’m worried I’m a bad candidate for chin implant, I think I have more of a recessed jaw than a weak chin and my chin itself is actually pretty strongly projecting. My jawline is a bit weak from...