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  1. admin

    [News] Introduce yourself forum added!

    hey guys, in order to make new members feel welcome I've added an introduce yourself forum feel free to add an introduction if you want! obviously, don't share information that you wouldn't want people knowing, but I think sharing where you're from, age, looksmaxxing goals, etc. would be...
  2. admin

    [News] Looking For A Video Editor (Paid)

    I want to start pushing out looksmaxxing/blackpill videos, so if anyone is interested in contributing, or has experience with video creation then hmu Idm paying or working something out with you I'll be looking to do it regardless, but I'm just seeing if there's any interest first Would be...
  3. admin

    [Serious] Can someone proof read my article so far?

    Can one of you guys take a look at my article so far? https://looksmaxxing.com/why-looks-matter/ It's not finished yet obviously, but if you can think of anything else I can add or talk about lmk
  4. admin


    This one is for you .me fans. If anyone uses the theme then let me know if you spot any styling errors. S/O @Pendejo @Elias
  5. admin

    [News] In regards to females on this site

    They are allowed. Unwanted harassment on females, let alone any other member is not allowed.
  6. admin

    [News] LF MODS - APPLY HERE!!

    sorry ive been away for a while boys im back and going to start promoting the site etc. so I am looking for mods If you want to be a moderator then either DM me or post here - I already have a good idea of who I want, but I won't mod unless you are actually interested. thank you!
  7. admin

    [News] Taking suggestions for badges

    One thing I wanna implement is badges, so if any of you guys have any suggestions for one then hit me up Ty homies
  8. admin


    you guys have been talking... and I have listened!
  9. admin