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  1. Elliot91

    [Rage] Anyone else always feel like knocking out their dad?

    I believe this happens when you don't resemble your dad and therefore he treats you badly because he hates you because could be someone else's kid. No resemblance, no love. Remember that, the most important thing is looking like your dad.
  2. Elliot91

    Interviews with Members

    you're wasting your time
  3. Elliot91

    [Rage] I am convinced I am not my father's real son

    I have always been brutally bullied and ostracised by my other siblings. My father never showed me affection, but all fathers are like that I guess. I am much smaller and more subhuman than the rest of my family except my mother. She's the only one who loves me because she is my real mother for...
  4. Elliot91

    [Rage] I wanna knock my brother out so badly

    The problem is he's twice my size. He brutally also brutally mogs me in athleticism and laughs at me whenever i even attempt to play sport.
  5. Elliot91

    [It's Over] this is what small dickletcism does to a man

    The nurse laughed at my small dick during my leg lengthening operation
  6. Elliot91

    [It's Over] Not even purely androgenic genes would save men from the natural testosterone decline.

    Just look at any roider and the pattern becomes clear. Either it's a daughter or if it turns out male it'll be a tranny/downie/autist/truecel. THere are no free lunches in life.
  7. Elliot91

    [It's Over] Not even purely androgenic genes would save men from the natural testosterone decline.

    It's a very simple case of a roider having kids. If you roid - don't have kids. If you do just hope it'll turn out a girl which it will be 90% likely to be so because roids kill feritlity. Fucking LOL @ you subhumans taking roids.
  8. Elliot91

    [Rage] Losing tooth mass is what causes short lower third

    losing middle teeth: lower jaw shortens due to bone resorption. no more pressure on the root of the tooth so bone just disappears and you will look like this: there is not enough bone mass around the middle teeth to take the resorption so your jaw just disappears. losing back teeth: face...
  9. Elliot91

    [It's Over] Wisdom teeth extraction depends purely on mandible LENGTH

    AKA FORWARD GROWTH of the mandible not palate width. if you have a genetically superior, well developed porjecting mandible, you will not need to extract wisdom teeth and lose EVEN MORE bone mass. discuss ways to keep wisdom toth. maybe genioplasty?
  10. Elliot91

    [Rage] I will be more in debt than Brazil by 2023

    brb thousands of $ for psychiatrist tests to treat my brain damage brb thousands of $ for dental shit to fix everthing brb hundreds of thousands of $ for jaw surgery brb tens of thousands of $ to relocate to mumbai for the jaw surgery brb 60k debt from college
  11. Elliot91

    [It's Over] Losing even a millimetre of teeth is probably the worst thing that can happen to you

    I was mistaken - losing tooth height only potentially reduces lower third height by making your bite deeper/putting pressure on canines causing gonial angle to reduce. This is mostly concerning the molars. but losing the entire middle tooth means your jaw is ruined due to bone resorption.
  12. Elliot91

    [It's Over] Losing even a millimetre of teeth is probably the worst thing that can happen to you

    hollow teeth is death tier. Have a look into with your dentist because this is a big deal. It basically means your teeth have resorped and it's very hard and expensive to fix. Resorption is pretty much the worst thing that can happen to you. Just pray that your jaw wasn't affected but if you...
  13. Elliot91

    [NSFW] Elliot's suicide guide

    1. go to a russian roulette den run by your local russian mafia 2. earn loads (pro tip: spend it all on heroin so you die a europhic death of overdose) 3. play till you die
  14. Elliot91

    [Rage] Considering a career in real estate

    *fake estate
  15. Elliot91

    [Rage] Considering a career in real estate

    easy $$
  16. Elliot91

    [It's Over] Just got handmogged by my almost 90 year old grandmother

    it is undoubtedly over
  17. Elliot91

    Infinite Height Growth

    literally everyone does this their whole life except @Rkelly who drinks mud from the wells of burkino faso
  18. Elliot91

    [It's Over] Just made a deal with a man named toth

    I asked if he was Hungarian and he said yeah
  19. Elliot91

    [LifeFuel] @Rkelly is extremely kind and warm hearted

    @Rkelly didn't read a single word of that wall of text you spent hours researching for. you:
  20. Elliot91

    [Soy] Eye era is what makes you seem either cool or a mogged subhuman

    what are you on about? eating dogs is extremely dark triad and low inhib.