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  1. GetShrekt

    [Info] Roping is quite the challenge

    Nothing like the Hollywood cliche of wrap a scarf around your neck then hang, even hanging either requires a bunch of practice/luck to blood choke or enduring a bunch of pain from a crushed trachea + jugular veins. Then add in survival instincts and fear of vegetation, not wanting to leave a...
  2. GetShrekt

    [It's Over] Looksmax really went to shit

    The users there are all cringe teenagers now and they’re all redpillers. Muh pedo, Muh NT! Sad how normies ruin shit man, I often go back to the 2018-2020 threads and read through it was actually a good forum back then.
  3. GetShrekt

    [Discussion] Why are incels always crying for blacks?

    It’s just a matter of time till an Incel space turns into stormfront 2.0, so many cope with race allegiance, when you get no pussy & normies in your own race bully you. How many of you racecopers have even been in a fight? Most negros will never care, as if your gonna do anything other than...