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  1. Lawyer

    [Guide] How to determine if you have paranasal flatness (paranasal hollowing)

    To assess maxillary deficiency and paranasal flatness, we must observe the cheekbone-nasal base-lip contour (CP-Nb-LC) The cheekbone-nasal base-lip contour is determined by the cheekbone point (CP) and the maxilla point (MxP). The cheekbone point, in a subject with good facial proportions, is...
  2. Lawyer

    Eye prominence - How to get deep-set eyes

    Introduction Eye prominence plays a very important role on how your face is perceived, deep-set eyes are a male dimorphic trait, it has been hypothesized that deep-set eyes may be an adaptation for combat, hunting and male intrasexual selection, designed to protect the eyes from hits. As...
  3. Pendejo

    [Theory] Philtral column definition and cupid's bow shape matter much more than philtrum length

    The following image shows what the philtral columns and the cupid's bow are: Undefined philtral columns and flat-shaped cupid's bows have a much more negative effect on the appearance of the mouth area than a long philtrum has. They make you look older and like you have fetal alcohol...
  4. Pendejo

    [Discussion] Medial canthal tilt - Is a downturned medial canthus really a masculine dimorphic trait?

    There is a widespread belief that a downturned medial canthus is a masculine dimorphic trait, however the following study suggests the opposite: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/17237692/ To measure the degree of inclination of the medial canthus, they utilized the medial canthal tilt. The...
  5. Pendejo

    [Info] Outer canthal distance to Bizygomatic width ratio

    Outer canthal distance to Bizygomatic width ratio The two measurements that are involved in this ratio are: Outer canthal distance: It is the distance between the lateral canthi of the eyes. Bizygomatic width: It is the distance between the right and left zygions. To calculate the ratio...
  6. Elias

    What is the maxilla?

    The maxilla forms the uрреr jаw bу combining composed two irrеgulаrlу-ѕhареd bоnеѕ аlоng thе mеdiаn раlаtinе ѕuturе, lосаtеd аt thе midline оf thе rооf оf the mоuth. Thе mаxillаrу bоnеѕ on еасh ѕidе jоin in thе middlе at the intеrmаxillаrу ѕuturе, a attached line thаt iѕ сrеаtеd by thе uniоn of...
  7. D

    [Discussion] The Fundamental Difference between Men and Women, Part 2: Face and Body

    https://buism.com/facebody.htm Thoughts on this?
  8. D

    [Info] Philtrum length and Midface ratio

    Long philtrums are generally considered bad because people associate them with long midfaces, while it is true that an excessively long philtrum would result in a long midface, that is rarely the case. In most cases long midfaces are caused by long nasal bridges and/or low interpupillary...
  9. Rkelly

    [It's Over] WAW 5 (Face and LMS) What makes a male jaw attractive?

    What do you all think about his latest vid? Also what about his 7 criteria for a good lower third/jaw?
  10. Buddy Boyo

    [Info] Blackpill on Fighting succes and aggressiveness face

    The high Fighting and aggressivness success face is generally more compact, wider and shorter The eyes, especially the lower eyelids are more angular, straight and positively tilted, the eyebrows and the brow itself are more lower set and aggressive The General eye area is more vertically...
  11. Buddy Boyo

    Eye to mouth angle, another brutal blackpill

    Eye to mouth angle is the measured angle from the middle of your lips to your pupils it's basically a combination of midface and interpupillary distance measuring and thus a more precise measuring a high eye to mouth angle and thus a wide ESR (Eye seperation Ratio) is associated with...
  12. Buddy Boyo

    Blackpill on nose to philtrum length ratio

    a Long Philtrum and a short nose stands for large and well developed teeth and thus a longer lower third along with non-elongated airways in General it makes the face more robust, since everything which is longish is automatically more gracile and fragile, a Long thin nose is way more prone to...