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  1. sashajaeger

    Rate Me//What should i do

    I really dont know if my facial posture is good, prolly not, and also would like someone to let me know what do i have to do to correct it. (sorry for the photos but its really late and couldnt do it in the morning)
  2. K

    Mewing advice for grandpa

    Hi looksmaxxers, 47 years old, mouth breather for the longest part of my life. Had 4 surgeries done on my nose. Broken 3 times during contact sport. After the latest succesfull surgery I can finaly breathe through ny nose again. My chin is reccessed tho, not sure if this is due to the...
  3. A

    Tongue that doesn't fit completely on my palate.

    Hey! I heard about Mewing 3 days ago and am trying to practice it. The only problem is that I can't get my tongue to stick to the roof of my mouth (maybe because of my bad posture?). I also do sometimes a suction effect with my tongue so that it stays on my palate is it good? Thank you all !
  4. sakuzjo

    my shitty mewing photos v2

    Angle and lighting diff, yea ik man sorry I didn't take very good photos but I'm pretty sure you can see differences SPECS: Old photos in Jan 2020, new photos around end of 2021, so about 2 years change. 1 year soft mewing, then 1 year hard mewing, with last 2 months tongue chewing gum. Didn't...
  5. B

    Mew vector

    Hey , I'm thinking of creating my own mew vector . But my doubt is what does he uses to make the headband thing around the face ? He uses some kind of cloth that hardens with water . I need help .
  6. R

    My mewing transformation 6 months (i think good results)

    Hello everyone I am new to this forum I use a translator to speak so if there are some incomprehensible sentences / words it is normal I am 17 years old having recently discovered looksmax so I started the mewing here are the results of 6 months I let my hair grow, improve my skin...
  7. Acnno

    I have gained 2mm of palatal expansion by mewing

    So, last time I checked my intermolar width it was 38mm [that was 6 months ago, I started mewing 1 year, 2 months ago or so]. I checked it again yesterday and it is 40mm, so that is 2mm of expansion (my tongue is on the roof 24/7 now + I have been slacking on chintucking a lot which means I...