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heart palpitations from hgh and testo E

Buddy Boyo

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Jul 24, 2019
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My friend took testo e and hgh for a couple of weeks

2 days after his first testo injection he had the worst heart races and rhytm disorders you can imagine

he injected 300-500mg of testo enanthate from sis labs

he also used HGH at the same time

when he quit using testo e and hgh the heart palpitations/races went away

the Thing is that he wasnt sure if his testo e and hgh was legit, but could real hgh and testo enanthate also causes heart races/rhytm disorders?

he even went to the Hospital because the palpitations didnt stopped, they said that his heart beats to fast but they couldnt recognize any other heart condition, they prescribed him some betablockers
I have heard of people using clenbutherol experience similar conditions along with nausea decrease of libido hands trembling like parkinson's etc
But I don't know
clen is a beta2 agonist, not a roid
Yea I know it's a banned drug though along with HGH and Test E
They are banned for a reason...
Personally I have nothing but respect for guys who have the balls to take that risk but those drugs are dangerous
I have tachycardia. Had to go to the hospital a few days ago. Heart and blood pressure was above anything normal. 180 on the heart. 150 on the Blood pressure. I’d get that shit looked into further bro. Seriously. Tachycardia might be harmless but the other stuff that happened because of it is serious. Blood clots. Constant high heart rate. Don’t ignore it.

I can’t even sleep fall asleep smoothly at night. When I try. Heart rate shoots up for no reason at all. I gotta breath it out and clench my gut to stimulate a nerve in the heart to slow back down. I’m not sure what is gonna happen but I’m going to see a cardiologist soon to get more scans and blood work

Don’t let anyone tell you it’s just anxiety or something mundane and small. This a very not well study disorder. Some info. But no one can figure out what causes it unless you get many many tests and find the root.

You have many treatment options and as long as you keep your diet in check and stay active it might not kill you. Matter fact it might never kill you. It’s the stuff that happens because of it that will.
Get better bro!
Also no more gay stuff
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