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How can I get bigger delts?

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My delts are pretty much non existant.
What can I do to make them grow?
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wdym? just work them hard

I need good exercises,
I just started doing overhead presses.
The are literally invisible as I ignored training them as much as my arms.
Watch Athlean - X man, he has many good videos for the best exercises.
Don't do presses if you have bad mind to muscle connection with the delts
(Clearly you do since they are nonexistent)
You'll just cheat your way up or rely too much on your triceps.
Do side Lateral Raises and front raises with great form
Really slowly,low weight high repetitions feel the muscle you're working with
Ok first of all:

thick laterally protruding 3d capped delts WITHOUT OVER THE TOP PUMPING AND FLEXING can ONLY be achieved through top Tier genetics or roids

and even if you roid, theres no guarantee that you will get significant protruding delts

even zyzz didnt had very strong delts despite the fact that he took a shit ton of tren

the shape of your delts and how much they will 3 dimensionally protrude COMPLETELY depends on your General amount of androgen receptors and their Density and sensitivity

to make them grow you can simply use the 0815 advice: lateral raises, front raises, Overhead/Military press etc.

if you're an low T framecel then dont expect your delts to grow much
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