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Listen up, women.


Locally undesired.
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Jul 7, 2019


Like the topic title says, listen up women. If you want respect, you need to work on your personality and you may be thinking ‘Well, I know a woman with a toxic personality that gets respect’ but the thing is, did you not ever stop to think that maybe that woman is a master manipulator? You’re just not happy because you want to be like that too, at first, you don’t always know if a woman is like that and then she traps them into respecting them before the men that respect her see the red flags because once they do see the red flags, it’s too late so yeah, work on your personality if you want respect and even then, you’re still not entitled to respect and I’m not going to promise that you will get respect but maybe you will, who knows? Work on your personality and maybe then you will get respect but guess what? It’s your misandrist attitude that is holding you back, men can sense it from a mile away and if you’re only being nice to get respect then maybe you’re not as nice as you think you are because you should be nice without expecting anything from it.

(Yeah, I can play that game too.)

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