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Sep 9, 2022



So since the beginning of the year I have proposed to improve my physical appearance (being aware of my genetic capabilities) and that is why I joined this forum.

Need to become gigachad and a man of high value, I've been in the gym for about 9 months (my body is ectomorphic complexion) and I've gotten decent results, I've also been mewing and working on bones mashing, chewing properly, among others, but I haven't been as consistent in these areas as I'd like, I keep trying to improve myself and I still got a long way to go, among my goals are to be lookmax ("get hunter eyes").

I have a voice that could be considered deep (76Hz according to Vocular), if that helps, I started since last year to deepen it more and I progressed quite well in that field, a lot of girls on discord and in voice chats seem to be attracted to it and men have also complimented me, however it's contrastingly terrible to be someone quite shy and not very confident at the same time, so in person I don't perform as well as I wish, I have Asperger's, so I accept that my social skills can't be better anyway. The rest of my qualities I think still suck.

Long black hair, 9-11% BF, 1.79cm (5ft 11 / 5ft 10), I am 22 years old. Yeah, I know I'm past puberty, but any suggestions and help are appreciated.

I have facial asymmetry, in addition, the lid of my left eye looks like asymmetrical to the right one, my right cheek is a little more swollen than the left, my chin seems somewhat deviated, baggy eyes raccoon, my nose is big (not wide) but I think it goes well with my face structure and my lips are a bit thick for me. Overall my facial features don't seem to be the best.

This man was one of those who mainly motivated me to take the next step and take it seriously, a big legitimate change:
a year with good habits.

Ah, use a translator for can have the possibility to communicate efficiently in english.

Well that was my little introduction. If you made it this far, thanks.