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Good posture impossible im f****d


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Jul 12, 2019
Genuinely f*****g impossible, just feels uncomfortable don't even have the power to held my head up, my thyroid gets all f****d up below my neck and it just feels so weird. and my neck starts hurting and it feels weird and uncomfortable at the back of my head somewhat vertical above where the spine ends.

Back story: recessed because of fhp, spine is all f****d. Dealing with a lot of health shit I was preety scared It affected my brain spinal cord, neurotransmitters, sentral nervous system and such. But I took a MRI of a my head, and even tho everything looked kinda f****d up to me, they told me nothing was wrong, I even got a second opinion who said shit looked ok.

To this day im still getting more receeded even tough I mew and don't mouth breath because its so hard to fix my posture. My spine keeps pulling my maxilla backwards. Also inb4 "bdd its all in your head fhp doesn't make you reccesed". That is bullshit, this is something theres not much research about but I've seen multiple people reporting it and posting pics off it online. There is some better research on it but I can't find it right now

Any f*****g how, what do i do im f****d

Also: I have some f*****g muscle issue shit that keeps getting worse because of some other shit long story. f**k this post is a ramble but I've given up so yeah help anyways bye
what's fhp bro? and do you see a chiropractor or some kind of physiothreapist.
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oh bro fhp fucks you up bad. I've heard about how it tugs your brain stem and shit.

Fuarx elab give me source on this. I've felt f****d for a while
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I can't f*****g take it everything is f****d up about my body kill me I want to die. I f*****g want to die
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I have f*****g brain fog and neurological muscle issues in all of my body. Im f****d been waiting months for a neurologist apointment. Life is ogre for me. Suicide is immininent
meh this is all i got to prove
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