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Info palate pill, and why having a wide palate is important


Well-known member
Jul 4, 2019
so i've recently come to the conclusion that having a wide palate should be considered a high priority objective when looksmaxing, while a lot of people consider It cope. often when palate size is discussed on these boards, people just write off wide palate as cope, and they bring up the fact that a lot of mm's have narrow palates. while this is true, i personally believe that being aesthetically pleasing != having high sex appeal. the reason that male models have wide palates is just that they happen to have great genetics, meaning that they can still look really well with a narrow palate. most people here that say wIdE pAlAtE iS cOpE probably don't even have the genetics to pull It off so what's the point. plus, having a narrow palate also makes having hollow cheeks easier, which is another desirable and striking trait for male models, and not necessarily for chads/slayers. if you're looking to improve your sex appeal, then you should look forward to having a robust face, which is, guess what, given by having a wide palate. another thing that gets brought up is that having a wide palate is generally a feminine trait, and having a wide smile isn't a desirable trait for males. this is also not true, since i'd prefer 1000 times having a nice flashy wide smile than having an aspie awkward narrow palate smile.
now, i know that this may have been obvious to a lot of you, but sometime ago when i first discovered mewing and looksmaxing i saw a lot of people saying that having a wide palate is cope, and i shouldn't really focus on obtaining It, thus i didn't work on in at all. looking back, that advice was complete garbage since having a narrow palate is an actual death sentence unless you naturally have big zygos that make out for the lack of robustness given by a narrow palate (aka slayer genetics). with that said, i hope that this makes clear to newcomers the fact that you should religiously work on having a wider palate since It automatically makes your face wider, and not listen to cuckism fags that say wide palate is cope because muh male models

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