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[ARCHIVED FROM LOOKISM.NET] The complete LOOKS MAXING guide for the 4-7 normalfag



The complete LOOKS MAXING guide for the 4-7 normalfag


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06-29-2015, 11:48 PM (This post was last modified: 06-30-2015, 12:26 AM by Machiavellian.)
Just pulled this from SH, author hasn't been seen on there in a long time.

moremoneythanlooks Wrote:The final stage of red pill is either:

1-3: Lefort 10
4-7 PS
8+ dgaf, stop posting here and carry on.

This is for the 4-7 people here.

Midface ratio > eyes > skin > hair > chin >> cheek bones > jawline > nose >> lips > ears

Here is the facial aesthetics thread.

Why you should Looks Max.

Quick guide to major problems and their solutions

I can not rate guys, if you want a rating see this thread.

Looks maxing stems from metrosexuality which stems from both the gay and the cosmopolitan subculture, its purpose spawned by feminism and the realization of LMS dying out with its introduction.
We are 10 years past the mainstream metrosexuality era, women are even fussier and we have lots more information easily available on looks and beauty in men and access to better surgeries. Being photogenic has never been so important.

Some shortcomings the regular Looks Maxing guy has is they wear the wrong colors and pluck their eyebrows with a feminine arch instead of a straight line, they also have the money for PS but dont know that they could benefit from it simply because they are aesthetically undiscerning and also they dont know about custom implants, bone restructuring or oculoplastic surgery. It can also be because people, particularly women will not willingly make a friend feel bad about themselves when the guy asks for surgery suggestions.
PS to most people is just a nose job or tit implants, or anti ageing such as botox and a full face lift, ironically all these procedures are low-medium in the tier of cosmetic surgery.

We will go top down on looks maxing, this will vary in dedication from expected and simple stuff such as trimming hair to insanely forking out $50,000 for Leg Lift surgery.


Head hair is extremely important to overall appeal, it is the ONLY 1 area where it alone will change your looks rating by 1-2 points. You should at least pay attention to it as taking pride in your appearance without being vain is considered the ideal attitude.
If you have little to no hair you can get scalp micropigmentation.

If you are NW2 or less you can use minoxidil + nizoral shampoo.
I suggest taking photos of your hair line every 6 months to check if you are balding to tackle it early.

If you are NW3 or more get a hair transplant where they replant hair from the back of your head elsewhere. Buy an under construction hat during recovery.

Hair should complement your head, If you have a tall or broad forehead, cover it up a bit, if you have a long midface, show as much of your forehead as you can even through cropping your hairline a bit, you should also have good body to the sides to both give your head some width and also to distract from the long midface, so get those mutton chops growing.
Here is a guide:

The hairline should be straight and not have a widows point, the appearance of the whole hairline should be a squared appearance unlike the rounded appearance in a female.

Contrast is important to looks, if you have 2 tone hair dye it all the one color, usually the darkest of the 2 tone, depending on what looks more NATURAL, dont cheap out on the dye and perhaps get it done at a good hairdresser.

If you have frizzy/curly hair you can spike it up using a GHD hair straightener and a strong wax. The strongest wax you can use is Murrays hair wax, It gets broken down by baby or cooking oil which then must be shampooed out, it is extremely high maintenance but will guarantee noticeably more IOIs.
If you can get away with natural looking hair then this is good, dont use any products that are visually obvious such as gel. Shampoo your hair only once a week before the weekend and towel dry it. If you have a shitty greasy or flaky scalp use head and shoulders. Otherwise Garnier fructis is good imo, shampoo should not smell too fruity or feminine.
While manga hair is somehow okay, Dont have a huge asymmetrical haircut or be flamboyant with pointed sideburns unless you are 8+.


Skin is of high tier importance.
You should only use a moisture bar and not soap to wash your face. If you have blackheads these need to be cleaned out with strips, do not scrub too hard with exfoliators as it will leave your skin red. If normal products fail see a dermatologist with a speciality/interest in cosmetics. Do not get laser resurfacing for large pores.
Forget melanotan, eat 5 carrots a day or take a beta-carotene supplement, 7mg is about 1 carrot. Fish oil and secondly olive oil also helps a lot. You should wash your face with a moisturiser twice a day. You should also get a decent amount of sun. If you want a good tan I recommend using reef coconut oil.
You should get any moles and blemishes taken care of by a dermatologist especially if you have them all over your face. Get rid of them even on your neck.
A random large pimple can be covered with concealer.
You should always wash your face after you sweat if you have a problem with pimples. Or in a dusty, dirty environment if you have a problem with blackheads.
If you smoke it is highly recommended you quit and replace it with Swedish snus, or snuff, snuff is excellent for court jester game. Forget nicotine replacement its shit by comparison.

Coating your face in a thin layer of vaseline before bed has been shown to be good for the skin, it is hypoallergenic and does not clog pores.

Retin-A is very good for skin quality but use it very sparingly and avoid the sun, if you dont want to go get a prescription for the real/strong stuff I recomend Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Cream - Night.

Another way to improve skin is with HRT, I actually do not recommend testosterone but rather Progesterone, Pregnenolone & DHEA, you can get prescription for these by avant-garde doctors at anti-aging clinics.
If you are going to do a cycle stay away from short acting test such as sustanon, and stay away from trenbolone which can cause crater scars.

It has been scientifically shown that a beta-carotene glow is preferred over a tan.

Quote:One small raw carrot contains 8,353 international units of vitamin A, which includes 4,142 micrograms of beta-carotene.
Thats 4mg of beta-carotene.
Apart from Beta-Carotene which is a yellow/orange pigment, it is also recommended you take Canthaxanthin which is a brown/red pigment, although it has not been confirmed by any research.
There has been good research on astaxanthin, another carotenoid, the studies shown an improvement in skin tone and wrinkles at 4mg but it seems 10mg a day is better, anecdotal reports of more resistance to shaving and retin-a.

Roughly 30mg of beta-carotene a day seems to be superior than 90mg and possibly does the same thing as retin-a

This is results for 6 weeks of Astraxanthin 2x2mg a day.

Here is a study in men.

Getting your iron levels checked and increasing them within range is a good idea for your skin. Only use strong pharmacy grade iron tablets with vitamin C.

Here is a study showing women prefer skin > masculinity. However I am sceptical.

Eyebrows are important too, it is linked to the 2 most important aspects, midface and eyes.
You should never wax your eyebrows, and when you pluck you should always leave stray hairs in the middle and edges to make things look natural.

You can get botox to drop your eyebrows a bit giving the impression of a shorter midface. In some cases dying the eyebrows may be ideal, see a hairdresser or beutician.

It is advised you dont try to correct bald spots giving a slight under arch.
If your eyebrows are bushy they should be trimmed by your barber, you can also do this yourself with a hair or beard clipper, no shorter than very minimal skin show. Bushy being where they become hard to shape because the hair is so long, or you have hair sticking out, eyebrows shouldn't need combing.

If you find you need to consciously lower your eyebrows or relax them at times, it means you have ptosis which is a lazy eyelid, you can have both your eyelids lazy, this is corrected by an oculoplastic surgeon.

ZordoNado: Lumigan / Latisse will make your eyebrows darker and denser and maybe a little bit thicker if you are lucky. It will be effective only on 50% of the people, you will have to apply it daily for at least 6 months in order to see if it works for you.

Oculoplastic surgery is the highest tier cosmetic surgery after facial reconstruction(lefort).
I would include an eye chart but not only are most inaccurate but only practical to women applying eye liner.
The 2 main types you need to know about are down turned(negative canthal tilt) eyes and monolid(most common in Asians) eyes.
Both desperately require surgery although that surgery is a vasectomy. After that you can address the cosmetic issues involved. For NCT you can get a canthopexy which is sort of a less invasive canthoplasty. Canthoplasty critically fails within years and would not ethically be done on anyone under roughly 70 years of age.
Be careful not to confuse neutral canthal tilt for negative, or hooded eyes for monolid, If your upper eyelashes show and point up they are hooded.
For dreaded monolid eyes there is whats called Asian eyelid surgery, an Asian eyelid surgery is probably the only single thing that can raise your looks 3 whole points which it commonly does when necessary. This brings me to my next point.

Lower/inner eyelid show should be minimized this is done through surgery, having big inner eyelids gives a beady eyed appearance, if you actually have beady eyes get your thyroid checked and consider full orbital implants.
For all eye problems you should only consult an Oculoplastic surgeon, there are many more procedures such as blepharoplasty for ageing and also orbital implants to achieve positive orbital vector.
You can also get orbital rim filler to fill in the bags under your eyes and any indentation between your inner canthus and nose.
For a higher trust appearance, getting your nasion depth reduced is also a good idea.

There is also protruding eyeballs, aka frog face. The surgery for this is an orbital decompression, if your problem is minor it can leave you with eyes that are too small and sunken, the surgery videos on youtube also do not look nice.

Vaseline at night has been show to grow stronger eyelashes in a few weeks:

You should trim nose hairs, trimming will not make them grow back thicker, if you are worried about this you can pluck them, use a nose and ear trimmer or a hair trimmer.
Nose is the ONLY facial area normal people actually consciously notice flaws in, a nose cant be shortened unless the tip is too long, problems with a mans nose are:

Too short.
Dorsal hump. (usually accompanied by a good strong jaw)
Feminine slope (fixed with an implant)
Upturn (this is especially bad as its feminizing and also affects your front profile, usually accompanied by a small jaw)
Droopy tip (find a Jewish surgeon to get a discount)
Bulbous tip (do not get this overly corrected IF it will ruin your facial harmony)
too wide or too narrow (do not overdo the correction on this, also it is not that important)
Nostrils too high creating a small triangle shape pointing to the mouth.
The nose from front profile should be a triangle shape drawn from where it meets your face not the bridge.
There should also be minimal nostril show from front and side view.
[Image: YtaLKJt.jpg]

Ethnicity must heavily be considered with Rhinoplasty.


You should shave any noticeable hair or peach fuzz on your cheeks.
Cheek implants
These are not that important but is a nice touch if you have the money, however it is HIGHLY recommended(after a considerate vasectomy of course) if you have a long midface, the vertical thickness of the implants should relate to your MFR. The width defines the fWHR.

fWHR in itself is not that important and total head width and height is taken in to account, a wider head is ideal for one night stands, a narrow higher trust head is considered best for long term relationships.
If you have a long midface get large implants that raise your fWHR and are vertically tall enough to make your submalar hallow area apear smaller(area between philtrum and ears.
Cheek bones should be placed high always from the orbital rim, be angular and the peak should be under the outer corner of the eyes, not forward pointing and not lateral pointing. In women cheeks can be forward facing and generally much larger and softer.
Cheek area is also the most likely area to have large pores, I am making a wild guess that face lipo could shrink the pores here as a last resort.

Ears can be pinned back with an otoplasty, they can also be enlarged and reduced in size with implants or cutting.
To check if your ears stick out too much have your photo taken at least 2 metres away and look at facial 5ths, do not use a phone for this.


Quote:Only very little of the bottom row of teeth should be visible.
The teeth should diminish in size from front to back.
Those either side of the central teeth, the laterals, should be 61.8 per cent the size of the bigger teeth.
The next teeth along should be 61.8 per cent of the laterals. The width of the central teeth should be 80 per cent of their height. Very little should be seen of the gums.

Consider teeth whitening either with store products or done professionally, do not get them too white or you will look stupid, teeth should be about the same tone as the whites of your eyes.
Also consider veneers but they are not required for most people and money is best spent elsewhere.
Brush your tongue, use mouth wash and floss.

Robust Sensei: The best (mechanical whitening) toothpaste is BlanX.


Quote:A smiles ideal width should be no less than half the width of the face.
Philtrum and lips while not important in a guy sometimes can be out of hand, a lip lift can shorten the philtrum while replacing that space with the upper lip, the upper lip should be thinner than the lower lip and ideally protrude a little further.
Upper jaw surgery is costly and takes a long time and usually only necessary when there is a medical problem involved such as sleep apnoea or a bite problem, jaw fatigue and cramps.

Use lip balm if you get cracked lips, girls dont want to risk STDs for a kiss and neither should you.

There is correction for a gummy smile.


A weak jaw can get you set a light by a bouncer or friend zoned by girls of legal age.
If you have a weak jaw look at my beard guide:

It is better if you can afford surgery though, see a maxillofacial surgeon or consider an implant.
A strong gonial angle provides a more photogenic appearance from front view.
You can also consider neck lipo but more on that once I get to body.


Chin ideally should be square and broad in a male, a round chin is acceptable however not the most photogenic. A pointed chin is highly feminine and while not necessarily a sexual death sentence or even suspicious, would need to be redeemed by other masculine features.
A bum chin is okay if its not too deep, if it starts to create wrinkles or you cant shave the hair there it should be filled, a line is much more acceptable than a circle.
A scrotum chin is when it seemingly hangs off the jaw line, it can be corrected through:
1 piece jaw and chin wrap around implants and some lipo and filler.
Sometimes a chin reduction AND implant is also required.
Chin widening Osteotomy by a maxillofacial surgeon.
Another thing leading to an amorphous appearance is an upside down smiley below the lower lip, this can be corrected with filler.


If you are looks maxing you have to take care of your body.

Here is a link showing what women prefer:

Women say they dont mind chubby guys but its bullshit, they all prefer at least some muscular definition whether it be on a skinny guy or a power lifter type frame.
You NEED a respectable body fat % this affects your face, if you can not reach this because of some disorder, see a doctor and get duromine or something similar if necessary or even get lapband surgery.

Keep your mental masturbation to aesthetics and keep your diet and exercise simple, I have never seen any field other than bodybuilding with so many bullshit and contradictory studies published.
Diet: no sugar or fried foods, or simple carbs, or excess fat.
Saturated, Mono, and Omega 3 should all be included but in low quantities, only med-low GI carbs. No fruit juice or fruit except maybe half an orange or half an apple a day. red meat + low carb vegetables, vegetable juice. Olive oil, fish oil, read BTFTM. And carrots, many carrots.
Symptoms on a diet:
Tremors, anxiety, dizzyness: Low blood sugar.
Depression: Lack of fats, possibly saturated.
Trouble sleeping: Not enough carbs at night, or not enough salt and water.
Weakness: Expected from a diet, but muscle loss can be low protein or too low overall calories.

Cardio should be medium-low intensity over a longer period of time rather than 30min bursts.
Buy sugarless electrolyte drinks. Have a caffeine supplement or drink coffee.

Training your neck can lead to medical problems such as sleep apnoea, consult a physio before doing so.

Diet and exercise can only get the average male so far, if you are not genetically or chemically inclined to have a GOOD body, consider Liposculture.

Body negatives in order of importance:
Wide hips (can sometimes be lipod) also check for klinfelters syndrome.
Narrow, sloping shoulders (side lateral raises, also it is recommended you use a tiny amount of Synthol to give them a rounded appearance not to actually widen them) round shoulders are what women select when choosing between body types.
Gyno or cabanossi nipples should be treated.
An overhanging gut signals diabetes get rid of this.
If your neck can use lipoing dont expect a healthy BF% to improve this, get it lipod and stop being a neck beard and keep the area cleanly shaved until then.

Best positives:
broad shoulders, only obtained through genetics (See GH gut)
Narrow waist, again genetics (See GH gut)
Cannonball delts, you have 2 options here, have good genetics, or use synthol. No, steroids wont give you the aesthetic shape.
Abs, you can use lipo to comfortably have these year round once you get to an acceptable BF%.

Your barber should shave any visible hair on the back of your neck and under your ears.
Clipping your body hair to get rid of curls is the minimal amount of body hair grooming you should do.
If you have a nice body shave your whole upper body, get someone to do your back and get rid of any tan lines.
The back of your hands should also not resemble a neanderthal even if you act like one.
Never shave your legs, just clipper it short enough to get rid of curls.
Pubes should be trimmed, watching a girl try pick a hair out of her mouth while you have a boner doesnt get any less awkward with time, its never appreciated.
If hair grows on your dick dont make it spikey if you are going raw.
Shaving your balls with a hair or beard trimmer is optional.


Vertically challenged
There are 2 options to get about 3" in height.
Elevator shoes.
Leg lift surgery, expensive, likely arthritis at older age, also if you live to 60 expect to be watching your grand kids from a wheel chair.

Clothing etc
As for clothing and jewellery, you should have at least:

some sort of necklace even a piece of string if you are a poorcel
a watch, check out smart watches for your phone.
Rings, bracelets, ear rings are optional.
Jewerly is most effective in an LMS country. But having nothing can be considered weird anywhere.

Clothing color is very important. I like this guide:
You can also check out this:

Cheap clothes are okay but they should not LOOK cheap.
Natural fibres and double stitching is a bonus, LOGOS are usually required.
Dont wash them in floral or feminine scents. the best scent is linen.
Dont use washed out or off colors. Dark clothes should NOT be line dried in the sun or washed in warm water.
use the color guide to keep a tight selection of colors for all your clothing.

Dont bother with ray bands or carreras if you arnt 7+ If you are 4-6 get a decent pair of pradas or similar.

Remember facial hair is make up for men.

I will finish this off with some additional info about social anxiety:
Social anxiety should be treated by a psychiatrist and psychologist. Medication such as Zoloft and Etizolam can be used in the initial stages while you learn techniques from a psychologist,
Through lack of negative feedback while socializing it is overcome. Optionally you can use alcohol but you should not rely on it long term like you can with Zoloft.

Im gonna add something important about attitude to looks maxing.
Looks maxing is the male equivalent to an empowered 6' women bragging to her boyfriend how she wants to make not double but triple his income and working only 1.5x longer than him isn't enough and is considering taking up a 2nd job to empower herself even more amongst the barflies who pester her on friday night after work. (INB4 lol @ GF going to a bar, this empowered b***h does it!)

You only pluck in the middle if at all.
You dont really work out, just jog here and there.
Oh I do wear that color a lot dont I? Its my favourite.
This hair product is so easy to wash out, you wouldn't think it would you? I forget what its called.
etc etc.

Another thing which is a huge PSA, TMYK.

Examples of this are Megan Fox making her appearance more masculine with plastic surgery and babyfaced guys thinking they appeal to babyfaced women.
My threads:
- Forearm & Wrist routine

Other good reads:
- Red Pill on Personality: Physiognomy
- Neck Training routine


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06-30-2015, 07:10 PM
"Training your neck can lead to medical problems such as sleep apnoea"

Are you sure? Should i stop training my neck?
It's f*****g over.



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06-30-2015, 09:15 PM
There was this notice thing on the original post that this forum lacks, where an admin note said the guide was outdated. Although the main thing outdated was some reasons to completely disregard midface ratio and canthal tilt for men, and wasn't relevent to most of this guide. That notice thing also linked to some shitty threads that didn't answer anything really. So I removed that note and didn't bother to reformat it in some way.

I wouldn't say this is the ultimate looksmax guide but there is a lot of content in this single post and it sets an example on the type of post effort and detail I wish either here or SH would produce more often. That's why I chooe to bing this post here.
My threads:
- Forearm & Wrist routine

Other good reads:
- Red Pill on Personality: Physiognomy
- Neck Training routine


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07-15-2015, 09:02 PM
Has anybody plucked their eyebrows straight?


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07-15-2015, 10:48 PM
I believe in taking care of myself and a balanced diet and rigorous exercise routine. In the morning if my face is a little puffy I'll put on an ice pack while doing stomach crunches. I can do 1000 now. After I remove the ice pack I use a deep pore cleanser lotion. In the shower I use a water activated gel cleanser, then a honey almond body scrub, and on the face an exfoliating gel scrub. Then I apply an herb-mint facial mask which I leave on for 10 minutes while I prepare the rest of my routine. I always use an after shave lotion with little or no alcohol, because alcohol dries your face out and makes you look older. Then moisturizer, then an anti-aging eye balm followed by a final moisturizing protective lotion.


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07-22-2015, 07:11 AM (This post was last modified: 07-22-2015, 07:13 AM by lltvyr.)
I think this guy is lying. You can't add 2 points to the looks score with hair. You really must have had the worst haircut ever, combover or something then. It's more like 0,5 max. Complexion 0,25; trained body, wide shoulders 0,5; rich men's clothes 0,5.


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09-19-2015, 02:35 PM (This post was last modified: 09-19-2015, 02:50 PM by lltvyr.)
"Dont bother with ray bands or carreras if you arnt 7+ If you are 4-6 get a decent pair of pradas or similar."

What are pradas?

And what's so bad about beard on cheeks?



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01-26-2016, 10:07 PM
Great guide Icon_mrgreen