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Info Becoming 'Alpha male' to get girls and respect is false hope

Dr. Vozcuk [Unblocked]

United Ph.D doctors
Aug 20, 2019
7 months in.
I haven't got any girlfriend or any more respect than before, i must say i got so many attention, but it's all worthless. Besides that i also have get beaten QUITE A LOT, and recieved so much hate than i ever did in life before

being what they call 'Alpha' or it's synonym 'Bad boy', WON'T make you succed if you are naturally ugly and weak, if anything - it will only get you worse if you don't look like an stereotypical chad (Face, muscles, height).
(Ps: I was rated normie in forums, and i know how to fight, so you know how worse it can get for you actually).

Story [1]: I got in fight with one of chads, he started out of hate, he lost in bleed, and class later, girls are started to hate me without ANY reason, but i never spoke to them. Same happened to every guy that have like girls orbiting around him (Most of them are not bad boys or alphas)- So what you saw in movies that winners get respect and all that is bullshit, i must say some guys don't talk to me anymore, but girls doesn't either.
Story[2]: Every time you got in fight and lose, it's a shame punishment, and everyone will know, i am afraid to go to school sometimes because of this, but you know, i win some, i lose some, after every lost fight, you'll be percieved as a cucklet, old rule you can't talk fight back to the stronger guys

If you are willing to try this bullshit, you need to know that you need complete mind shift, because it's not easy to do, and it takes nutsack of steel, BUT IT'S WORTHLESS.

Being alpha is i guess one huge part of the dark triad persona, because they share these two traits heavily (Don't believe that there are good alpha males or bad boys, those don't exist)

So any trick besides looking good don't work, i am stopping preaching this alpha male crap
true tbh. becoming "alpha" is just an incel meme that's gonna make you end up even more socially outcast than you already were. women love when chad acts alpha, but they hate when ugly dudes try (not insulting you specifically btw, much love)
You don't try to become an alpha.

You're either a high T alpha or you're not.

If you try to act like one you'll be perceived as a coping incel.

It's not about being good looking either.
It's about looking high T
There's also this idea that if you can show your teeth,you often don't have to bite.
So if you look dangerous and not afraid to fight,they are not going to fight you.
I often get confronted but I've only fought 4 times in my life.Two of them ended after the first punch.
If you are high T low inhib other guys will follow your lead easily.
But you'll often feel alone,not because there aren't people around you but because your image prevents you from acting like an idiot,irresponsibly and having a laugh.
I used to be ugly but big and strong for my age so I've lived this sort of lifestyle.

I prefer being a good looking normal guy any day over that though.
Why do you think so man ?
Wouldn't it be nice if others didn't dare stand in your way ?
seeking validation is for soyboys. Focus on shit doing shit that commands respect (speak with ur action rather than words type shit). When you get a reputation for doing then it will naturally come.
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seeking validation is for soyboys. Focus on shit doing shit that commands respect (speak with ur action rather than words type shit). When you get a reputation for doing then it will naturally come.
Harder but better way 👍

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