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Discussion Denying the blackpill is actually counterproductive from a societal standpoint

Buddy Boyo

LGBTQP+ supporter
Established Member
Jul 24, 2019
Neoples Buttcunt
Ive once readed a study which proved that Kids with more worse grades will become more financially, mentally and emotionally successful later in life because they know how to handle rejections and setbacks

It's the typical "rich Kids" effect of Young rich monarchic People who suddenly kill themselves when they become broke, because they are not able to handle any other Kind of financial life as the Kind of life with which they were previously familiar with

a 5'2 Indian ugly truecel with a micropenis who has been bluepilled all his life Long will literally turn insane if he realizes the black pill and it's cruelty when he's 20 and still a virgin

instead of simply telling People that their life is determined by their genetics/Looks and how they could possible work on it, our Society tells them that everything is fine as Long as you're positive and nice to other People

This way of raising a Generation is extremely toxic, counterproductive and even dangerous

Our Society keeps projecting a reality out of sugar and honey, but if the overfeed children realize that the world is actuallly bitter and sour they will mentally collapse

A guy who has been bluepilled until his 20s could had spend his childhood/puberty much more productive by creating truly effective (or at least semi effective) Copes for the future if he had been blackpilled at that age
if you start from rock bottom either you go up or rot at the bottom ignorant of what its like at the top
Denying the blackpill is productive from the standpoint of good looking people. The blackpill being mainstream would result in the halo effect being dampened in my opinion.

Same with ethnipil I think its beneficial for whites that people don't know how potent the ethnipil is as whites can virtue signal and pat themselves on the back for fighting racism while discriminating ethnics

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