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Info Home options for resistance training Part #3:Arms and Legs

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Aug 14, 2019
This is part 3 of the "Home options for resistance training" threads
Part#1:The Chest
Part#2:Back and Shoulders
  • Body Part:The Arms

We are concerned with two muscles located in your arm.
  1. Triceps(Marked in Green)
  2. Biceps(Marked in Red)
A common misconception is that you need to train biceps in order to get bigger arms,while that's true it's not the best approach because your triceps make up 2/3 of your arm.It's a larger muscle in comparison to your biceps.

How to train your biceps at home ?

The best way requires you to purchase a piece of equipment.

Chin ups
images - 2019-09-05T090023.004.jpeg
It's not very different from the pull up,except you go for an underhand grip instead of an overhand grip

Resistance Band/Chest expander bicep curls
This version of the curl is actually more ideal than the weighted curl,because the tension increases according to the strength curve,with the top portion of motion where the bicep is strongest is the hardest part of the exercise.

If you don't want to purchase any equipment

Towel Curls
images (63).jpeg
You control the resistance in this exercise so don't press so damn hard that you can't curl,but don't press too little either

You don't even need a towel to perform this actually

How to train your triceps at home ?

There's a list of exercises below;

Bodyweight Tricep Extensions
images - 2019-09-05T084747.261.jpeg

Tiger Bend Push Ups
images - 2019-09-05T084823.248.jpeg

Bench Dips
images - 2019-09-05T081906.552.jpeg

Diamond Push Ups
images - 2019-09-05T082226.739.jpeg

Regular Push Ups
images (57).jpeg

Tricep Dips

The only difference between this and chest dip is the positioning of your torso.Don't lean forward and stay upright if you want to hit your triceps

How to train your legs at home ?

There is no need to go into detail of different muscles located in your legs as doing these exercises you will target them all.

Wall Sit

Tough one to be honest.Most people can't do this past 30 seconds

Split Squats
A harder version of the standart bodyweight squat

Resistance band/Chest Expander Leg Press​

Pistol Squats
Difficult exercise for advanced trainees


Part#4 will cover information on how to program your training.


  • images - 2019-09-05T091707.981.jpeg
    images - 2019-09-05T091707.981.jpeg
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Does this work if you had your legs blown off in Vietnam?
thanks man. ever since ive had my legs blown up i had to get a wheelchair and i can barely move those wheels with my arms but I aint no pussy to get an electric one
thanks man. ever since ive had my legs blown up i had to get a wheelchair and i can barely move those wheels with my arms but I aint no pussy to get an electric one
get robot legs so you can be above 6ft

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