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Info Hooded eyes and palpebral fissure length theory proved again

Buddy Boyo

LGBTQP+ supporter
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Jul 24, 2019
Neoples Buttcunt
Left Low / Right High

low vs high 1.png

The high adventurous and thus higher Risk taking face has less hooded eyes but more higher intelligent and sharp minded Looking eyes because of their higher Iris to pupil Ratio Definition and the wider palpebral fissure length along with a more angular and horizontal narrow nosetip paired with relatively broader nostrils

The low friendly face has more hooded eyes and a generally less trustworthy appearance while the high friendly face has this typical deluded low Consciousness "nice guy" facial Expression

The high dominating face is the most accurate prove against all normies and their Claims that even a high trust 5' Indian babyface manlet can be dominant, because it absolutely shows that masculinity and prenatal T DOES determine your perceived dominance, the high dominant face has a wide palpebral fissure, strong hoodedness through a androgenic orbital structure, strong Iris and pupil Definition and a general aggressive although not dumb aggressive but sharp minded aggressive eye expression

plus a nosetip which is way more horizontal narrow along with very Broad nostrils and more angular shaped lips

the low dominance face however lacks absolute Definition, ugly short palpebral fissure length and upper eyelid exposure with Zero Iris and pupil defnition, it Looks submissive and low IQ, like the typical follower within a social gang who never says or does anything rather than just staring at you dumb and brainless while you get smacked up by the leading chad

the reason why i post such threads over and over again is because they accurately prove that all the stereotypical traits such as a high aggressive dominant Looking face DO EXIST and that they are caused by high prenatal and pubertal T, and that the decisive traits of them ARE ALL UNIVERSALLY VALID

Every graphic and study ive already posted clearly Shows that the high aggressiveness and high Fighting succes face share the same traits such as the face of a Person which was exposed to high Levels of testosterone in the womb

It's not a creation of the red or blackpill community that we perceive short noses with broader nostrils and broad hooded eyes as more dominant

dumb normies and soycucks think that a dominant Looking face does not exists, and if it exists it's just a total coincidence which has Nothing to with Hormones or genetical superiority