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How to escape the planet


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Aug 15, 2023
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This post is a giant Middle Finger to the aliens that control this planet. This is to punish them for shitting on me every day and trying to ruin my life.

For example, I booted up the computer to post and for some reason my computer screen is going retard on me and not using the resolution and changing the settings does nothing. There is no rational explanation to why, other than the aliens just did it to shit on me because they are mad I am posting this. For example, because changing the settings did nothing I hit the button on my computer to reboot instead of using windows to sleep the PC, making me lose 100s of my tabs. And the aliens thought I would give a fuck about losing 100 tabs but I do not care, I am sick of the aliens and losing 100 tabs does not matter anyway, its probably worldly crap with very little importance anyway.

Anyway, enough about me, this post is for you. You're welcome bitch.

Darwin is a fucking hero of humanity. Some people don't like him because he made this a planet of apes. People just view society as monkeys and apes and savages. But actually I realize what he did is a blessing. Because before him people kept coming back here because of stupid fucking delusions. Because of feeling like they have a purpose and "there is a plan" and a carefully constructed world that they need to keep coming back to. But after Darwin you see the world for the trash it is, just a pile of Trash and chaos and a struggle to survive.

Basically, its all an illusion and the aliens want to keep you here in this trash world, because they feed off your suffering. You see, you are a prisoner sent here for something you did thousands of years ago, and the aliens get Points for every time you suffer.

Basically, when your body expires (you are not your body, you are a soul) what will happen is there will be a white light, the white light is like a black hole that sucks you into the alien dimension. Then one of the aliens will present themselves, either as an Archangel or Jesus. I don't know if its actually Jesus or just Satan pretending to be Jesus. Either way, you will not be able to tell the difference, you will feel surrounded with love, more than any love from a mortal human. But its just a trick to get you to reincarnate back into this shithole world. They will tell you you have a "mission you have to fulfill" and/or guilt you into coming back by shaming you about some past sins you have to correct, or people you will let down, or some other horseshit to manipulate you by. The aliens have to abide by some rules so they require your consent to go back to the shitworld, and that is how they manufacture your consent.

Basically, this is what the entire Matrix movies and series is all about, exactly this. Online you will read a bunch of BS about how the Matrix is about transsexualism or capitalism, or politics, these articles are either written by clueless people, or they are actually trying to keep you uninformed about reality. The Matrix is only about Capitalism inso much as that Capitalism is simply a tool society uses to keep people down and make them suffer menial work as an incel.