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How to make an advanced face pulling device 2.0



@Buddy Boyo

  • I plan to use the experience from my past in order to refine this guide. Please feel free to ask questions below.

  • By following out this guide you agree that you are self-diagnosing and self-treating which means I am not responsible for any risk you agree to take.

  • I will be using the Orthotropic premise. Especially the idea widening the upper jaw to allow for the jaw to come forward (for this to work you need to have you bite correctly aligned first)

Buy a cheap myobrace from ebay.


Cut away the outside edge of the myobrace for top and bottom of the myobrace accept for about half an inch at the back end of the myobrace where the wisdom teeth sit. This area at the back of the myobrace is where an outside wire will be moulded onto.


The final result of the modified myobrace should look something like this but with the mouth tab inside and a greater surface area at the side for the wire to attach.

here is a link to the product we are recreating with a myobrace.

I do not recommend that you buy this, instead stick to the myobrace as it is more durable. This will allow more force to be pushed in the upper inside dental arch.

Buy this two this is very important. I am literally rolling around on the fall as I spent the last hour typing on how to create your own version of this. Pinkwojak.png


Fuse the myobrace flanges on your modifed myobraces to the internal hooks on this device. Use a lighter to melt the plastic onto the wire

Then attach the myobrace-wire combo to a reverse pull headgear device. Such as this


All materials chosen are from ebay however if you do some digging you can find wholesalers who sell these products at a much cheaper price.

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