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I have returned. I will post Lifemaxxes that i have learned since i left the looksmaxxing community


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Oct 20, 2019
I have been gone for a while, mainly because of school and dumb shit. I am going to post the most effective lifemaxes i have found in my absence.

Just stop autistically obsessing over your looks, learn to balance with all things in your life. I think many of us are on the spectrum, i was diagnosed with ADD as a child alot of you guys have aspergers too. The more you worry about looks, the higher cortisol, higher cortisol=lower test=uglier. You may need to do a heroic dose of mushrooms or have a near death experience in order to get over lookism autism and enjoy life. Do WHATEVER you need to do in order to enjoy life.

I have posted about primal diet before and i stand by it, if any diet will help you heal facial/spinal deformities while improving testosterone levels it is this one. In case you dont feel like doing research; Primal diet consists of raw meat, raw eggs, raw dairy, vegetable juices and occasional fruits. I did this diet in 2020 and it really helped with acne and gave me a healthy glow, it also really helped my mental health as i was pretty depressed. Here are some pics of my skin while i was doing primal diet and taking lymphatic baths. My skin was glowing and clear. inb4 fruity gay looking angles. First one is older and the second one was when i had been on the diet longer. (im not on this diet rn its expensive)
If you dont get on this diet at least get a water distiller. Tap water is full of chlorine and fluoride and is sure to f**k up your microbiome.



Make sure you are sleeping enough and getting good quality sleep. I know the looksmaxxing community talks alot about sleeping on the floor but i have some good additions. Instead of sleeping on the floor you should build an inclined wooden sleeping platform, put two to three blankets on it so it is a little softer. Make sure to make the incline around 8 inches. What this does is helps your circulation while also helping with your posture. Most mammals sleep on an incline, it only makes sense that this helps with circulation, brain detox, sleep apnea/snoring, acid reflux and drainage. This will help you get quality sleep. Some other things that could help is turning off the wifi router before bed, sleeping naked, having good quality sheets, cotton, linen etc.

like this but without the mattress.
4.Clothing Maxxing

Dress in comfortable good quality clothes made from good quality fabrics. DO NOT WEAR POLYESTER!!!! POLYESTER IS PLASTIC!!! Polyester can bring down testosterone and there are studies that show that breathing in polyester can cause lung cancer. I saw some TikTok on youtube saying that its best not to wear mixed clothes because it can mess with ur vibes, that may be true, so try to stick with cotton and cotton or linen and linen.


Short thread but i hope this will give you good ideas for some things that will improve your physical and mental health. Remember to get the most out of free looksmaxes, posture, mewing, chewing etc. I figured that this website doesnt need another mewing thread. Sorry if it is shittily formatted, i have not written anything in a while

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