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Im seriously concerned about a possibly wanted feminization of men and masculinization of women

Buddy Boyo

LGBTQP+ supporter
Jul 24, 2019
Neoples Buttcunt
Outside i see so many women which are Long limbed (a trait which is caused by low levels of Estrogen/Estrogen receptors during the early years of pubertal development)

most of them also have a very wide biacromial breadth and thick wrists

almost every 2nd women i see outside has either a extreme strong jaw or a extreme strong maxilla/cheekbones along with a Slayer FWHR

while only every 5th man i see outside has such a strong dimorphism, most men have Incredible weak jaws and totally flat maxillas along with narrow clavicles

Here a article About obese women with PCOS and their Test levels:

"The severity of hyperandrogenism seems to be amplified in obese women with PCOS. It has been shown that obese women with PCOS have higher total and free T levels as compared to non-obese PCOS [16,20]. In fact, the increase of body weight and fat tissue, especially in the form of abdominal obesity, is associated with abnormality of sex steroid balance. This is mainly due to the reduction of sex hormone–binding globulin (SHBG) levels in circulation, resulting to an increased fraction of free androgens in blood. Reduced SHBG synthesis in liver originates from hyperinsulinaemia that compensates for insulin resistance associated with obesity. Although hyperinsulinaemia is associated with PCOS, it is clear that obese women with PCOS exhibit a higher degree of insulin resistance and hyperinsulinaemia [21]. Finally, increased androgens in obese PCOS further contribute to inhibition of SHBG secretion. It is obvious that obesity may deteriorate hyperandrogenism in women with PCOS, a mechanism that is involved in anovulatory infertility."

This basically indirectly proves that our western high carbs and sugar diet feminizes men, while it masculinizes women

Men will experience a decrease in testosterone if their SHBG is recuding, while for women it's vice versa

there are also significantly masculinizing effects found in the pill

Also the enormous amount of Estrogens in our environment plays a Major role in this topic

The Group who suffers the most from it are naturally low Prenatal Test males, their genetic predestination is already so f****d up that they respond extremely sensitive to exogenous Estrogens, thus it's highly likely that their growth will be stunted at an early age due to environmental/dietary estrogens

Especially the extreme Long limbs (Especially legs) women have These days are concerning me, since Long legs are a absolute non-feminine trait, american Pop culture made Long legs to a feminine trait, but actually Long legs are an anti-estrogenic trait

Asian People have a extreme estrogen receptor sensitivity and Density, thats why their limb to Torso Proportions are short, stubby and neotenious

While black Sudanese men have a very low amount of estrogen receptors (thats why their puberty goes well into their mid/late 20s) and thus very Long limbs

Also the slender type klinefelter male (there are 2 types: The androgynous slender type and the feminine bloated stubby type) has Little to no testosterone and thus no convertion into Estrogens, which he has on average enormous Long limbs

If you take a look into old literature, you will see dozens of hints About womens proportions back then, in the old Nietzsche times, womens proportions were described as short, stubby and neotenious

While today you mostly see women with longish and androgynous proportions

But at the same time, most men These days have manlet proportions, even if they are tall, most men you see have ridiculously Long Torsos and short-stunted looking legs

I definitely think theres something wrong, it cant be right that so many women These days show extreme signs of androgenic dimorphism….
5 months of living in netherlands and testing my testosterone showed that from 950 got down to 400, gay jewish frog water
E2 concentration was shown to increase at the start of each university semester


dry fast from september until march boys

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dry fast from september until march boys
the water is actually turning the frogs gay

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