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[NSFW] JFL if youre still convinced penis size doesnt matter

Buddy Boyo

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Jul 24, 2019



just look at this, her seductive stare, this is pure primal sexual lust

shes so addicted to it that she even fucks with him in real life aside porn

jfl cl.jpg


this is what women want, stop the fucking cope

"Muh 5 inch is average and thus totally ok"


just lol


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Aug 14, 2020


The size and shape of the human penis is designed to remove the semen of other men, semen is designed to stick as best as possible and stop the semen from other men [2]
In addition to the ostensible impact of female choice on the evolution of more elaborate male genitalia (Eberhard, 1996), there is reason to believe that sperm competition played a role in shaping the human penis. The human penis, with a relatively larger glans and more pronounced coronal ridge than is found in many other primates, may function to displace seminal fluid from rival males in the vagina by forcing it back over/under the glans.
During intercourse the effect of repeated thrusting would be to draw out and displace foreign semen away from the cervix. As a consequence, if a female copulated with more than one male within a short period of time this would allow subsequent males to “scoop out” semen deposited by others before ejaculating (Baker and Bellis, 1995).
To test this hypothesis, Gallup, Burch, Zappieri, Parvez, Stockwell, and Davis (2003) simulated sexual encounters using artificial models and measured the magnitude of artificial semen displacement as a function of phallus configuration, depth of thrusting, and semen viscosity. The displacement of simulated semen was robust across different prosthetic phalluses, different artificial vaginas, different semen recipes, and different semen viscosities. The magnitude of semen displacement was directly proportional to the depth of thrusting and inversely proportional to semen viscosity. By manipulating different characteristics of artificial phalluses, the coronal ridge and frenulum were identified as key morphological features involved in mediating the semen displacement effect.

Brutal dickpill incoming: bigger penises are functionally more efficient at removing sperm. We've evolved with bigger penises than every other primate because we needed to counteract cheating. Even the shape is designed for that;
In order for the human penis to serve as an efficient semen displacement device, it needs to be of sufficient size to fill the vagina and supplant foreign semen In contrast with our closest living relative, the human penis is roughly twice as long and wide as that of the common chimpanzee (Short, 1980).
As evidence that the human penis may have been shaped by the recurrent adaptive problem posed by sperm competition consider the following. Magnetic resonance imaging studies show that during coitus, the typical penis fills and expands the human vagina, and with complete penetration often pushes up against the cervix (Weijmar Schultz, van Andel, Sabelis, and Mooyart, 1999). When ejaculation occurs, thrusting diminishes and vaginal penetration reaches its maximum point (Masters and Johnson, 1966). Not only does this serve to release semen in close proximity to the cervix, but data on ejaculatory pressure shows that the first several ejaculatory contractions project seminal fluid with such force that it can be expelled at a distance of 30-60cm if not contained in a vagina (Masters and Johnson, 1966)

You might think that women would select the male with the best genes and be monogamous with him if she followed her evolutionary objective; that is wrong. Sperm selection must be taken into account. If a woman gets gang banged, the male with the strongest sperm is likely to fertilise. The last male has a distinct advantage too; the last one scoops out the sperm of his predecessors with his shovel / mushroom shaped penis.

Male penises literally evolved their shape to do this and the length of a sex session is usually only long enough to scoop out foreign sperm.
Gang banging was common during the stone age; matriarchal bands would invite males to gang bang them. A young woman could also be gang banged by all the males in her tribe, most of which would have been her relatives.

Being bred is a common female fetish. Gang banging is common in nature; it is practised by cats, snakes, frogs and fish among others.

There is actually a game based off this, as I've detailed before:

In this sex game, girls lay on the floor in a circle with their heads together and eyes closed and boys copulate with them, taking turns. The winner is the boy who managed to finish the intercourse last.


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Nov 22, 2020


If my retarded loser mother hadn't eaten toxic grains and vegetables during pregnancy and ate raw meat and fat instead, my dick would have as big as that nigger's dick.

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