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Discussion Looksmaxxing when you’re Indian.

Just like everyone else. I'm pakistani but luckily I'm not dark or short so I have some good chances, from ratings I've been given a 6.5.Its all about the baseline.

1. How dark are you? Do you have hyperpigmentarion on any areas?
2. Height. Are you above the height threshold? (5'8) in my opinion)
3. Frame, how good is your frame to build muscle
4. Face shape, is your face symmetrical? Do you have a lot of facial fat?

Focus on these areas.

For ethnics I highly recommend focusing on getting rid of any hyperpigmentation if there are any, whites don't have to deal with this but they get really pink which looks weird.

Also,.Indians are at the bottom in the WESTERN dating market. I don't know how dating is like in India but if you live there you shouldn't have to worry too much I think.

Good luck brother.
From the statistics I’ve seen, Indians have the lowest SMVs which is demotivating since I’m an indian myself.

How can I start looksmaxxing?
From the statistics I’ve seen, Indians have the lowest SMVs which is demotivating since I’m an indian myself.

How can I start looksmaxxing?
Indians have the lowest SMVs for a reason. The vast majority of Indians have very high body fight which obviously degrades your smv and on top of that they have the lowest amount of muscle mass for any race (even lower than asians).
As an Indian first and foremost you need to get a gym membership. (do a body recomp or bulk) because you already may be skinny fat.
Secondly, if you are looking to compete in the indian dating market i may suggest using a skin bleaching or lightening agent like kojic acid or vitamin C (colorism is very prevalent in India), Thirdly, start a simple skin care routine with sunscreen daily (many indians also have shitty skin and hyperpigmentation).Fourthly, plese at least wear deodorant and a nice fragrance to top it off. Lastly focus on yourself financially and mentally, try to gather as much wealth as possible and to be honest there are about a million different side hustles you could start, start meditating for mental health.
You will be surprised you far this gets you ahead of the competition as most Indians do not even do half of this stuff to better themselves

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