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Neck lenght and thicknes


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Jul 5, 2019
Oslo, Norway
Long neck = unatractive
Short neck = attractive

Wide necks makes a long neck and medium necks look shorter due to balance.
On many threads people say that neck training is the only effective way to make your neck area look better. I believe thats not the most effective way and that your posture will change this over time.

All you need to do is:
- Mackenzie chin tuck
(Push your head as far back as you can and make a double chin)
- then you mew like you’d normally do

Now dont look down to your phone and the things youre doing. Imagine you are taking a selfie of yourself with your arms strecthed out 90° from you shoulder (so right infront of you) not downwards, but completely straight ahead of you.
This is you normal position which you should be in as much as you can. It gets akward in public scenes so i just do this when im alone.

You will see that your neck appears thicker because your chin is closer to your collar. It also looks thicker because it is because it compresses your neck and has to deal with that height loss and move some things outwards.

You kinda look stupid with your whole head pointing downwards while your eyes and you are focusing on things 90° in front of you but its worth it and as you gain more forward growth with mewing you get no double chin. and when youve got a shorter wider neck and no double chin you can raise your chin a bit and make a new natural comfortable chin tuck which you will be using out the rest of your life.

If you doubt me you can watch all attractive people have short necks and ive noticed in my mirror that my shoulders even seem broader, maybe thats because you tighten up your upper back to do the chin tuck.

Jordan barret is an example of someone with a short neck. And his neck appears quite thick and his shoulders arent bad width. He is also a skinny guy so you wouldnt think he’d train his neck that much or even at all.

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