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Petition to ban all users who spread bullshit like "Just mew"

Buddy Boyo

LGBTQP+ supporter
Jul 24, 2019
Neoples Buttcunt
Mewing might help you by expanding your palate for 1-3mm over the Course of several years, but it will NOT I REPEAT NOT help you getting more prominent and defined cheekbones, a better jaw or chin, more Forward growth etc, if you're an adult

Theres a reason why mew wont take adult patients

that whole mewing bullshit is a sadistic way to give desperate incels false hope, just because 1 very genetically privileged guy named astrosky (whos most likely a frauder anyways) had success with mewing does not automatically mean that mewing works

look up into all the before & after pics of People who had success with mewing, they were all still in puberty and their visible changes occured 95% because of angle frauding

bone smashing is just another sadistic way to humiliate incels, i know a few guys who did it, they actually even gained more bone mass, BUT NOT NEARLY AS SYMMETRICAL OR AESTHETIC LIKE ON ASTROSKY!

It takes several months/years to get any significant changes,

Which is just another proof that astro most likely had fillers or implants

the alternative orthodontic Scene is full of bullshit, These forums are filled with ridiculous Claims like "I gained a Inch of dick length because of mewing"

Bullshitting People into believing that theres a magic way/pill to Change their ugliness has been around since thousand of years, scammers Always existed throughout history

Scamming rich or somewhat wealthy People over their money might be still honorable from a anarchistic view

But scamming desperate hopeless incels just proves that you're literally the lowest possible lifeform in this Society

I get heavy ragequits everytime i enter bullshit Forums like thegreatwork, so many frustrated and tortured incels spend their time trying to mew properly, a lot of them even got shortness of breath or dizzyness because of it since their incel Tier bone structure simply doesnt allow a proper tongue posture without a full Oxygen blockage

i wont doubt that Maybe some very genetically blessed guy might have luck with mewing, but saying that mewing is the key to facial bone changes is just a very dirty way of robbing other incels valueable time

Even if it helps, it would take decades to turn a trucel only into a normal incel through mewing

We should follow a no tolerance politicy to scammers and possible frauders, they're just robbing worthful time from naive incels
Why do people keep saying I had surgery. I haven’t. I really haven’t. Implants or direct bone surgery or whatever cost a lot of money. Fillers is have to constantly up keep. Wouldn’t that be noticeable? Why is it somehow I got the most magic surgery where it’s not even noticeable hmmm??? Maybe it’s because I haven’t had surgery.
I have to support Astro on the surgery topic...unless he is the biggest lying fruad of all time
I remember on his early YouTube streams saying he barely made $300 a month meaning $3600 a year. Obviously not enough to pay for surgery or filler. I also remember he used to wear the same jacket months on end everywhere from pics and to streams to real life. Astro was prolly a poorcel.

I will say he is genetically blessed and is very fortunate for the changes he received. Not everyone will get results like Astro.
should buy a looksmaxxing team house for all of us
That would be interesting lol
I can actually see bengt then
Would be very weird for sure
Mewing just might work
I had crazy success with it compared to before
People are advising mewing because it works.At least I do.

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