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Discussion Post some good bodyweight exercises

take anything heavy, hold it with both your arms in front of your chest and do squats

take 2 equally heavy things, hold them tight with yours hands next to your body and walk until you get exhausted

image_iphone.jpg - do this for calfs

lyingfaceupneck1.jpg - take a towel, put a heavy object you can hold on top of your head, put it on your head while your neck is on the outside of your bed and do neck curls

hold something very heavy in your hands next to your body in the position exactly like the farmers walk and shrug hard and try to focus most of the work on your traps


many things u can do srs
For doing the dips exercise get 2 strong chairs so that the back rests are opposite and parallel to each other. For weighted stuff I just use a car battery or a clothes iron and shove them in my rucksack. As @NickGurr said you can do so much, just use your head.