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Jul 6, 2019
So its been a while since i became apart of this forum and since i started looksmaxing:

What i have gotten as a result it basically some minor but noticeable maxilla forward growth.
My zygos have become more noticeable from bonesmashing,but i dont overdo it with a hammer and shit,i just use my fists for like 2 mins.
I have tackled the asymmetry between my right and left side by chewing gum evenly.

My frontal view is legit good but my side is shit because of my Tom Cruise nose but smaller.
The jaw is meeh not bad not good either.

The beard has helped me a lot to make me look better as it hides some of the asymmetry and makes me look better.Not a f*****g big bushy beard, just a noticeable one.Eyebrows have definitely helped my look by threading them at the barber.

Gym Maxing for 4 months absolutely the best shit ever and now for a couple of months imma go do some boxing and mma and then back into the gym at january. Height i was 174 october 2018 and 177 october 2019.

Skin maxxing i do wash it with a facewash,moisturize and exfoliate 3x a week.

Also neck training iv seen great results.
Dickmaxxing iv been doing it but idk im not convinced by the routine im doing cuzz i dont feel much stress on the dick.

Statusmaxxed as f**k in my school and pretty known in my city from the teens my age group and shit.

Biggest insecurity rn the forehead cuz its big and it fucks my hairline and my nose.
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the maxilla growth came just from mewing nth else
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feel free to either post your journey or comment on mine or whatever
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considering the career path im gonna take posting pics on the internet could f**k me up in the future