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pubertymaxxing is cope tbh


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been looking into growth factors recently. what else would a manlet do?

i might be wrong on this but it turns out its actually quite hard to stunt your growth. and it's pretty easy to maximize growth. i am starting to believe more and more that it's genetics that f****d most manlets, not their lifestyle

what you should do to try to increase height:

- never restrict food. eat enough always. more bf is good. a little more estrogen is good for bone growth, unless its enough to give you gyno, in which case f**k your life
- exercise (strength exercising is a must. cardio is good too)
- eat whatever. high GI foods and inflammatory foods are good for growth. frequent eating is good also. limit fruits and veggies maybe. lots of SERMs and antioxidants reducing stress in the body. nobody likes those shits anyway, everyone eats them cause theyre told theyre good for you.
- more sun exposure
- no ashwagandha, no berberine, no other plant whatever you might hear about the benefits. you will just do more damage than help by filling up on jew supplements

thats f*****g it

maybe the jews are hiding the truth from me but i really cant find it tbh
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So "eating a high sugar diet will stunt GH" is cope then?
its the opposite of cope, it will most likely help. i dont recommend high sugar diet tho, just eat whatever, dont sweat it dont think about it
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Estrogen blockers are proven to give Teenager a monstrous height if they start early
no, estrogen blockers might make it so that your bones dont fuse but it wont do anything for growth. if youre lucky and start them at 5'4'' at 16 you might be able to reach 6'5'' at like 30 or something

estrogen is proven to increase IGF-1/2 along with leptin. just has to be proportional to testosterone levels

plus we arent talking about drugs here. i could go on and list the most expensive hard to acquire experimental drugs for growth and it would be f*****g useless because nobody will do anything with that info
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i will retract some of my statements regarding estrogen cause im not sure about growth plate fusion and estrogen tbh

my point stands, just eat plenty, go to gym, go outside, thats it
why would ashwagandha damage your growth, thought it helped
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why would ashwagandha damage your growth, thought it helped
because nobody knows all of the effects of these plants and you don't want to pump yourself with cope plants and just have them f**k you up even more

also, you don't want your coritsol to be supressed or even lowered for that matter. it has a lot of important including helping you not starve in between meals and is also important for your immune system to function properly
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ah yes, its full of protein as well, vikings drank soy milk that's why they were so strong
that and coconut water are patrik baboumians fuel bro
acne could mean my growth factors are being activated finally, but man f**k acne

my growth plates could be closed and i may not even achieve anything from this

on the other hand if they are not, i could throw all growth away for just living my life currently without acne and compromising growth in the future


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Black people had to suffer 400 years for there rights. let women work for them.

Jk women are apart of the workplace so they need some form of rights in order for the workplace to work properly.
the right answer was "no", neo

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