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Info Stevia lowers T


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Dihydroisosteviol, when inuncted to the chick's comb, inhibited the action of injected testosterone -
A study conducted on prepubertal male rats showed that chronic administration (60 days) of a Stevia rebaudiana aqueous extract produced a decrease in final weight of testis, seminal vesicle and cauda epididymidis.

Stevia treatment tended to decrease the plasma testosterone level, probably by a putative affinity of glycosides of extract for a certain androgen receptor

It's over for you if you use Stevia as a sweetener
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Doesn't sugar also? Over if you eat sweets
it's the fructose in sugar, not sugar itself because sugar doesn't circulate your blood as whole, it gets broken down into glucose and fructose, and ive made a thread about fructose already

also no actual proof i can find fructose lowers T because the kikes buried the evidence, but it does a lot of damage in the body and interferes with hormones like Leptin which help release T

I sometimes eat things with xylitol
tbh me 2 ngl... gum especially, but they put like 10+ different sweeteners in that for some f*****g autistic reason