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{TerraThread} DHT Increasing

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Mefenamic Acid apparently:
- inhibits (potently) the deactivation of (5 alpha) DHT
- inhibits breakdown of orally taken Testosterone (just drink sperm theory?)

It is a not so popular NSAID (like Ibuprofen). You should be able to get it easily if it turns out it is actually legit

This is a rather strange topic that came up today while I was having a discussion with co-workers during our lunch break: According to the article, DHT is present in the testes, thus assumed to be a byproduct or semen (or semen is a byproduct of DHT). Does that mean (is there any scientific or at least some sort of experiment proving) that if a male individual ingests semen over a period of time that androgenic alopecia, or male pattern baldness, is more prone to occur? In other words, if a male ingests his semen on a regular basis, would he begin to show signs of male-pattern baldness over time? --SetandSpike (talk) 05:26, 15 January 2008 (UTC)


Will post every piece of information I find
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5-beta-DHT might be an aromatase inhbitor, but has very low potency to the androgen receptors (unlike 5-alpha-DHT)

Conversion of Testosterone to 5bDHT trough the enzyme 5-beta-Reductase is inhibited by Fina/Dutasterine and might be upregulated by TGF, which is activated during injury/exercise; high carbohydrate diet and frequent eating
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Mefenamic Acid 100% will stop DHT inactivation, but sadly it turns out it also affects other genes which makes it not guten to take more than once really

It is over.

It's crazy how buried the mefenamic acid was. the jews definitely don't want us to know about these things but i will find other ways


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