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Testosterone maxxing through supplements, exercise, diet etc. is PURE COPE

Buddy Boyo

LGBTQP+ supporter
Jul 24, 2019
Neoples Buttcunt
Ive tried everything, Tongkat ali, Maca, Horny goat weed etc.

ive spent hundreds of Dollars on a shit ton of different supps etc.

ive tried several Kinds of diets which supposedly optimize your T levels

Ive tried several heavy weight exercise which supposedly spike your T

Ive even tried Nofap...

NOTHING WORKS if you're an low T framecel!

Your androgen receptor are not sensitive and dense enough, a total Test rise from 400ng/dl to 600ng/dl wont do shit for your organism

this whole "do Sprints for optimal test along with proper Sleep and muh high Protein diet" bullshit was originally started by a bunch of Fitness chads and tyrones who have elite Tier genetics

For the ectomorphic average guy, this advice is almost totally useless.

as a low T incel you Need supraphysiological test Levels (Levels above 2.000ng/dl) to get a significant rise in musclemass, Stamina and strength

If you want to make sure if your testomaxxing Routine is working, then ask yourself These following Questions:

Does the amount of hard lean-high haemoglobin muscle mass increases significantly during your period? (Bloated high glycogen and creatine induced muscle mass like Alpha Destiny DOESNT Count!)

Are your estrogenic fat Depots diminishing? (Fat Depots like tigh fat, love handles and visceral fat), shreds in the face doesnt Count since the face is the first place where you lose fat during shredding

Does your Stamina significantly increases?

And also, is your pulse strong and slow? A masculine pulse should be strong and slow due to the higher amount of haemoglobin, while a female pulse is fast and subtle

Most People who are testomaxxing through supps, diet and exercise will think that their Routine is working because they get better morning Woods

but in most cases, this is not the result of higher test but increased blood circulation, you should also note that your erection Quality is the first Thing which responds to small test increases, so you might think that you had significantly raised your test levels, but in reality the increase in free biological active testosterone is only very subtle to basically None existent

A low T framecel Needs to inject 250-500mg of Tren Weekly to have the same muscle Building and fat shredding capabilities which a untrained lazy chad already has naturally

your androgen to Estrogen receptor sensitivity/Density determines how effectively you're able to build up Stamina, muscle, strength etc.

That 100ng/dl of more total test you get from nofap will not do anything for you, chad has sex several times a day plus jerking off to the nudes he receives every day from stacy, and he still test and androgen mogs a diet, nofap and exercisemaxxed low Tcel into oblivion

The only way for a low Tcel to become androgenic and somewhat masculine is to inject, and even then you will be still Test mogged by natural chads
Brutal but true
Only thing I’m pretty sure t maxing did for me was improve my mood and stop me from feeling shit and ldaring
Even then it could’ve been placebo