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Discussion The new albert einstein has been discovered posting threads on


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Combining ideas from Orofacial Myology, and the benefits of Juice Feasting/Fasting- I will take the next month and a half to cut out all things with the exception of Apples and Broccoli (which I will only be consuming the juice of). Regenerating my body on a cellular level with fasting [???? so is he fasting or doing a retarded high E low T (((cleanse)))?]- plus consuming bone centered juices to aim my body in the direction I want it to go. Both of these foods have tremendous benefits to your bone health [everybody knows of the amazing benefits of oxalates], hardening, as well as structure. This all in conjunction with hard mewing and 30 minutes of mastic chewing daily, and no fap to retain essential vitamins and minerals [does he think those just appear in the body magically? cause his foods definitely dont bring them in]. Brisk bike riding daily and daily summer sun exposure for that good vitamin D, ending workouts with herbal teas that fuel testosterone [JFL at drinking estrogens and anti-nutrients for T. besides the fact that he won't even be getting the minerals he needs for normal T, he will be f*****g himself even more with getting chemicals that bind to his estrogen receptors]. If anyone wants before pics message me- I know this fast will warrant big change, and of course god blesses you for giving up temptations while fasting, I’ll be keeping close to Christ by reading scripture daily. See y’all in a month or so.

It never began for you if you still browse (over for me ngl)
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hopefully this kids' parents see what their retarded downie son is doing and stop him ngl, cause its over for him otherwise
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Who wrote that?
some r****d idk. thread was called B O N E. Fast I think, look for it in the looksmaxxing section tell him i said hes a r****d and the only thing hes gonna be depositing in his bones is oxalatate