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Discussion Thoughts on Jordan Peterson?



Jordan Peterson on #MeToo: ‘We’re getting away from intent ...

What are your critiques, views, opinions on Jordan Peterson and relevant info related to him?
Been following him for a little over 6 months
His ideas on religion and spirituality are far fetched and I don't take them seriously.
Also he doesn't know anything about women,he doesn't need to because he's good looking.
His university lectures are very useful
The way he handles confrontation and critisicism is to be taken example of.
Also he is one of the handful of psychologist who aren't extreme left wing ideologues.

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@Neo what are your thoughts about him ?
  • Helping young men to self-actualise is what he'll be remembered for the most.
    • I'm pretty anti-movement when it comes to this type of stuff as the individual can collect a deeper depth of knowledge better than a collective.
  • It's interesting how he has decided to use storytelling narratives in order to integrate his teachings into the real world.
  • He should take the black pill and then the white pill. It's dangerous that he teaches the purple pill.
  • He needs to widen his knowledge on philosophy etc. He has a few holes in his knowledge about non-duality, post-modernism etc.
  • He doesn't act out his idea of "being willingly cruel". All I see is neurotic behaviour.
    • Shadow integration is highly important however a more productive way to carry out this idea of "meaningful cruelty" is to transform your shadow into your opposition's outlet to be heard. This means you're acknowledging what must be heard without agreeing with it.
  • He still has the potential to publish some extremely profound messages.
  • It's just the start of his intellectual career atm.
  • He is very good at pointing out logical and psychological tricks in debates.
He's a great guy overall. I don't dislike him at all, even though he's left winged.
[QUOTE="Neo, post: 21250, member: 90"
    • the individual can collect a deeper depth of knowledge better than a collective.[/QUOTE]
I disagree with this.
I think we need to have some humility,it's foolishness to think that one life time is enough to figure out the world.
No it's not.
It's not nearly enough.
We must look to the people who lived before us and experimented with things throughout generations for thousands of years for advice.Or in the very least we shouldn't ignore their experiences.
pretentious narcissistic know it all

jfl at trying to get your point across by over complicating it

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