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Brutal Sugar Pill

You can say that this reasearch is written by 'vegan propaganda',but they even recommend eating some meat.Anyways,more plants and less animal products-->better for longevity.I haven't found study that says otherwise
That's because most of these studies are junk psuedoscience as usual.

Red meat causes cancer because it has a low smoke point, its the same principle that the anti-weedlets used to denigrate weed. Weed only causes cancer because you literally light it on fire, just as breathing smoke fumes of any substance generally is carcinogenic. In theory, if you only heat red meat to 200 F it should not be carcinogenic then. You should still reduce your red meat intake anyway, since its extremely energy inefficient to produce red meat as compared to other things such as soy, thus by eating red meat you will naturally increase the rate of climate change and carbon emissions.

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