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News cold showers


Deleted member 304

cold showers shock your body temporarily, increasing catecholamines. thats about it. theres honestly many more interesting things about hot showers if anything

here's what catecholamines do (a few things):

1) faster and stronger heart beats
2) cortisol takes the glycogen from your muscles, convert it into glucose and put it in the blood to be used for energy. muscle fibers are being broken down to be converted into more glucose trough gluconeogenesis and fats are being released to support the process along with other processes (it can also be converted into glucose itself) = temporary insulin resistance + fat burning
3) cortisol increases glucagon, furthering catabolism, but sparing the muscle
3) cortisol lowers the amount of free testosterone in the blood
4) adrenaline lowers amount of blood circulating in the skin
5) cortisol supresses immune system temporarily, lower inflammation
7) cortisol increases ghrelin (increased hunger) and leptin (increased satiation)

now that you know what they do, keep in mind they go away pretty much by the time you are dressed after the shower

its pretty much 100% useless. just go exercise you fat f*****g coper

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