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dick size


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Oct 10, 2023
is there any way you can grow your dick at 15? (my dick size is like 5.6 inch)
go to the looksmaxxing archive at the top (sticky threads i think) and near the bottom it has a thread
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we need ways to grow dicks to 15 inches... i am concerned many of the dick growth serums are a scam...
5"6 is normal. You don't have to have 7 inch dick to please a woman. Just read about erogenous zones and
always ask a woman about her "special" requests before sex, then u good.
5"6 is normal. You don't have to have 7 inch dick to please a woman. Just read about erogenous zones and
always ask a woman about her "special" requests before sex, then u good.
copium, literally just seen a blackpill vid of a chadfish on tinder where she says men must have dick of 7" to 7.5" or above

aesthetically speaking, males have several disadvantages compared to women.

1. Firstly, the majority of men do not look like femboys, eboys, prettyboys or chads. Femboys, eboys, prettyboys and chads are the only men that women want to have sex with.

2. Men usually lack hips, except for the new spiderman. Lacking hips is unfit for human evolution, because if you lack hips your pants will constantly be falling down. You will not be able to run at speeds. You will have to run around naked at all times, like an animal. Then you will tighten your belt, tightening your belt will damage your insides, your intestines, your guts.

3. Male hormones cause unaesthetic fat retention around your belly, which is not attractive and causes the most health problems of any possible fat location.

4. Estrogen causes chad jawline, when I quit HRT I lost my chad jawline and resumed having an incel jawline. When I was on HRT not very many women approached me, and most of them were fat or masculine in some way. But when I quit HRT 0 women approach me.

5. 5" penis is not very aesthetic, unless the male is very short. And women don't want to have sex with short males, which is another disadvantage. Most tall females have it easier than most short males. What I am saying is a 6, 5 or 4" penis looks out of proportion to the rest of the male body. Since I listed 2 male disadvantages, I will move on to 7.

7. By having a 15" dick you can suck your own dick and not have to depend on female validation. Furthermore, by making it possible to have a 15" dick you make it possible to have a utopian transbian futanari futuristic society, nobody is really attracted to average mediocre sized dicks.
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