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Face Yoga

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i used to do face exercises for my cheeks. they became even more bloated
I'm sceptical when it comes to cheeks too but I think eyes could be legit.
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check out my post on eye ascension under mewing i have links for eyes there. and for cheeks it was a website i’ll try and find it
Your eye area improved like crazy. I'd really like to know what causes changes in the eye area. It might was puberty in your case but astro and hassan improved theirs too and hassan was 21 when he started looksmaxing.
Idk tbh, i'm no expert at this plus i haven't tried it so i can't say anything about this.
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eye exercised helped with PCT a lot so i would give it a try and record results. i was an idiot and didn’t take month by month photos but u should and report results
I will. Did it also help with upper eyelid exposure?

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