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Falis Megathread


Jul 5, 2019
how do we know if we have a good undereye support or not?
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does having a ogee curve automatically give you a good cheekbone aréna in general?
cheekbone area wise yes
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i think that it is a issue
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Is this a DIY method like thumbpulling mewing or it requires a device?
Depends on what you mean by puffy lips but if you mean African tier lips then yeah,problem for males and females.

Yes nih guh
I have fat nih guh lips and it makes me look like a nih guh despite not being nih guh coloured
Nih guhs are ugly
i feel you brother (nohomo)
i got niggaroid lips and a gorilla shaped skull

like this guy on the left. he looks like absolute trash. besides the aspie eyes and receiding eyebrows, he has fat under, around and above his lips which make him look like garbage. combine that with his comical lip shape and its over for him unless hes at least 6'2''
like this guy on the left. he looks like absolute trash. besides the aspie eyes and receiding eyebrows, he has fat under, around and above his lips which make him look like garbage. combine that with his comical lip shape and its over for him unless hes at least 6'2''
Are you retarded? And he is 6'3 feet so keep crying for him.
are your cheekbones right under your eyes? do you even have cheekbones?
Can you put your finger under your eye and behind the orbit? If you cant then you probably have recessed rims and its over
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My cheekbone are near my eyes but they protrued further then the orbite due To my ogee curve so is your method still valid in this case?
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By the way what is a recessed orbital?
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But bt using The height of the midface i think?
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I have this issue can castor oil help me?
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Do you mean testoserone
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So what are you talking about
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Even if the lips projection is due To an overbite?
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That the answser i ve been looking for tnx
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I mean larger horizontaly i dont want yo add puffines but horizontal width
Lateral commisuroplasty

By Eppley:


The idea here is to stretch the mouth in such a way that the lips vermillion (skin) doesn’t tear, but instead gradually thickens and adjusts to being stretched wider than normal so that a greater width can be maintained without conscious effort. A very positive long-term benefit of the stretching techniques I will describe is a greatly reduced or totally cured tendency toward chapped lips.

This is a challenge because the human mouth is surrounded by one of the most forgiving and stretchable muscles in the body, the orbicularis oris. It’s basically a sphincter that forms an unbroken loop around a normal mouth. That’s why it’s possible to form your lips into the tiny circle needed for whistling, then open wide during a yawn to over twice the width and height of your normally relaxed mouth size.

What you need to do is to stretch this muscle, and the neighboring cheek muscles, beyond your normal maximum width that you can achieve with just cheek and lips muscles efforts alone. That will require a horizontal lips stretcher, the most familiar method being a splint.


The object is to force (without tearing!!!) your orbiculus oris muscle to stretch beyond its normal limit and get the adjoining cheek muscles to adapt to the greater desired width. This will require lots of smiling and other expression efforts while wearing the splint (you may not see much actual movement at first, but in time you will see it as your cheek muscles adapt to the mouth opening being much closer than usual to where the muscles insert into cheekbones, etc. by shortening somewhat, but not losing their maximum stretches) This won’t be very comfortable, but if you’re motivated, you’ll push through the most painful first few days and gradually start to see results.


The above splint and muscles pictures are from “Microstomia Treatment & Management” by Homere Al Moutran, MD, and Arlen D. Meyers, MD, MBA.

This is what you’re up against (another type of splint). Those loose-looking muscles over the person’s stretched mouth below will in time straighten out as their relaxed length shortens some, allowing a larger overall range of motion. There are a good number of accessory muscles that will need to be exercised and stretched for this to work (see picture below this one).



I developed my own mouth stretching apparatus and used it successfully to widen my mouth somewhat.

Edit (6/22/19). Due to increased interest I am now showing my favorite mouth stretcher design. This mouth stretching brace uses perforated springy semi-rigid stainless steel sheets. It takes into account the need to have something to stretch my mouth, some tabs on the ends to stabilize and hold the ends in my lateral commissures, and a wide portion where my entire upper and lower lips are supported in a stretched natural curvature. My “10 cm” mouth brace uses blue electrical tape to spread the pressure over a wider area, and my “11 cm” mouth brace uses sports mouth guard silicone to soften its end edges. The perforations permit normal breathing and somewhat coherent speech while the brace is being worn.

Here’s what they look like.



Please excuse the so-so quality of my selfie. I’m 57 and not a model. This shows what the 10 cm one it looks like worn properly. I can wear this for a couple of hours or the 11 cm one for maybe 20 minutes before removing it due to discomfort.


If anyone wants something like this, let me know. You will need a series with 0.5 to 1.0 cm increments wider as your mouth stretching progresses.

My mouth used to be between 4.5 and 5 cm wide when relaxed and closed and is now 6 cm wide. My maximum smile width used to be about 7.5 cm wide and is now 9+ cm (10+ for a couple of hours immediately after a stretching session) with muscular efforts alone. To get this result I had to gradually work my way up from 9 cm forced stretches (the effort hurt, especially at first!) to now 12 cm wide with very little pain (if it hurts, I stop—I have learned to heed the warnings my body makes). I can still whistle, so I haven’t injured anything. This took about six months of serious effort and my designing and testing several novel apparatuses on myself to achieve this (other models involve stainless steel hooks or headgear).

I’m starting to get my own wraparound smile, though I also need to drop about 40–50 pounds so my thick cheeks stop getting in the way (picture from 6/22/19).


My most recent trip to the dentist with my more stretchable mouth resulted in the easiest teeth cleaning I’ve ever had, and I can now open my mouth much wider for singing without cheek cramps. It’s not just for looks alone I did this. I haven’t had chapped lips at all (I guess the stretching toughened them up) this year, either. Finally, to my pleasant surprise, I have not acquired additional wrinkles around my mouth and face (I’m 55).

This requires time and commitment, and like you having to wear a retainer daily for the rest of your life after orthodontic treatment, you may have to do a daily mouth stretch to maintain the desired final width of your mouth.

Update 12/30/18: One of the most amazing positive side-effects of my own mouth stretching regimen is I have not had chapped lips in two years. I used to get painful and sometimes bleeding chapped lips every winter several times a month, and even sometimes in other seasons—even with regular use of chapstick. A lot of this had to do with living in semi-arid, low-humidity southern Idaho. I still live in southern Idaho, but my mouth stretching has toughened up my lips’ vermilion enough that I can sing and widely smile all I want to even in the winter without fear of painfully splitting my lips, and I almost never use chapstick anymore. The only exception now is for sunscreen protection while surface-mining opal or spending a lot of time on sunlit snow.

Even if the stretching regimen doesn’t result in you getting a much wider mouth, curing your lips’ tendencies toward painful chapping is likely worth the regular horizontal mouth stretching all by itself.

Another person who'd answered this question more recently has a very good idea on how to compensate for mouths returning to normal size despite frequent stretches. It's the use of injectable lips fillers on the lateral portions of the lips, possibly augmented by fat injections later on to make it permanent. After your lips are toughened up by regular daily stretches beyond the ideal relaxed width you want, you can partially stretch your mouth a bit beyond your ideal, get the injections, and your mouth will naturally relax wider than before.

Let's say you have a 5 cm wide mouth and 5 cm wide nose and want your mouth to nose width ratio to be near the Golden Ratio (1.618..), meaning a mouth about 8 cm wide. Stretch beyond 10 cm if you can to toughen up the lips vermillion against splits and chapping. Then more lightly stretch your mouth with some sort of splint to about 8.5 cm wide while receiving the lateral lips injections, the extra 0.5 cm to compensate for inevitable shrinkage. For a time (not sure how long) you'll have a 7.5–8 cm wide mouth to 'test drive' so you'll know if you like the look or not, especially if you're considering the surgical option.

If you feel you just cannot handle the discomfort and commitment of daily forcing your mouth beyond its normal width, there is the plastic surgery option. When completely healed, your wider mouth will not require stretching to maintain its new width—except perhaps a little to keep scars from causing contractures.

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